I have just joined as a Member and want to visit an exhibition today. Is the Membership valid straight away?

Yes, Membership is valid from the moment of purchase. If you have joined on site, you will be given a temporary Membership card which can be used for immediate entry into the exhibition. If you have joined online, you will receive a confirmation email, which you can print off and use as proof of Membership. You will be able to collect a temporary card from the Membership desk upon your arrival at the Gallery.

Membership terms and conditions for Picasso Portraits

  • Picasso Portraits exhibition tickets can be converted to Membership up to 7 days after the visit
  • Only one ticket can be converted to an Individual Membership, two tickets can be converted to Member plus Guest or Joint Membership and up to four tickets can be converted to Joint Membership Plus Two Guests. Please note that multiple tickets need to have been purchased by the same person, in the same transaction.
  • If a ticket holder opts to pay the Membership by Direct Debit, the ticket price will be deducted from the subscription amount. The ticket buyer will need to provide valid bank account details in order to set up a Direct Debit instruction. Should the bank details be invalid the Membership team will make any effort to inform the ticket holder of the failed set up. It is the responsibility of the ticket buyer to communicate the correct bank details. Failure to do so will result in the Membership being cancelled and the ticket purchase amount will not be refunded.
  • If a ticket holder opts to pay the Membership by card it will be necessary to refund the initial transaction amount on the payment card first. The Membership fee will then be charged in full.
  • If a ticket holder has not set up an online account they will need to provide the ticket order number to be able to convert the initial purchase to Membership.

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