Application Guidance Notes

These notes are provided to help you fill out the application form. Please read them in full before completing the form.

We base our short listing decisions on the information contained in the application form so it is important that you complete all sections of the form.

The Job Pack 

Along with an application form you should also receive a job description and a person specification. The job description outlines the main duties and responsibilities of the post and the person specification lists the skills, knowledge and experience we are looking for in the successful candidate. You should make sure that you meet all the essential criteria before submitting an application.

Completing the Form 

Please clearly write your names and contact details and check that you have put the title of the job you are applying for on the application form. If you need to use any additional sheets please ensure that these are also clearly marked with your name and the post that you are applying for.

The Employment History section should include all of your previous posts including any voluntary posts or work experience. You should include a couple of sentences about your main responsibilities and duties in each position, your salary and your reason for leaving.

In the Educational Qualifications section you should give details of all the qualifications you have obtained and list the results. There is a separate section on the form where you can list any relevant training you have received (vocational or non-vocational).

The Supporting Statement section is where you should outline why you have applied for the position and give details of any experience and skills that is relevant to the post. It is important that you address the requirements listed in the person specification when filling out this section and you should provide examples of how you meet the criteria. You might find it helpful to deal with each of the points in the person specification separately so that you make sure that all have been covered.

Equality Monitoring Form 

This form is used to monitor the National Portrait Gallery's equality policy and practices. It is completely confidential and will not be seen by anyone making short listing decisions. It is essential that this form is completed along with the application form.

Short Listing and Interviews 

We aim to begin the short listing process as soon after the closing date as possible. We base our selection criteria on the requirements for the job set out in the person specification and we look for detailed confirmation that you possess the knowledge, skills and experience essential for the job. If you fail to give examples of how you meet the criteria you are unlikely to be short listed.

We receive a high volume of applications and are therefore unable to respond to all applicants and if you have not had a response to your application by the interview date stated on the job description you should assume that you have been unsuccessful on this occasion.

We try to indicate on the job description when the interviews will be held, if you are unable to make the date please state on your application form so that we can make alternative arrangements should you be short listed. We will contact short listed candidates by letter.

Returning Your Application Form 

Please make sure that you sign and date your completed form before returning it to:

Mrs Caroline Wynter 
Head of Personnel
National Portrait Gallery 
2 St Martin's Place 
London WC2H 0HE

Hand delivered applications should be taken to the reception desk at 39-45 Orange Street.

Thank you for your time and effort taken in completing the form

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