Staff List

The National Portrait Gallery has 176 full-time employees across all disciplines of conservation, collections management, archive, education, information, public relations and development, buildings maintenance, information, administration, publishing, warding, retail and catering. Approximately 46 part-time and temporary staff are employed throughout the year in addition to approximately 15 volunteers at any one time.

Emailing: all staff email addresses are structured in the style first letter of first name and full surname (without spaces, hyphens or any other punctuation sign) followed by ""  (eg for John O'Brien-Smith).

Please refer to the contact us page to find the correct person to help with your enquiry.


Dr Nicholas Cullinan, Director

Helen Hillman, Manager, Director's Office

Eleanor Darton-Moore, Manager, Director's Office

Jo Frazer, Administrative Assistant


Tarnya Cooper, Curatorial Director

Louise Stewart, Cross Collections Curator

Tanya Bentley, Curatorial and Administrative Assistant

Peter Funnell, Head of Research and Senior Curator

Carol Blackett-Ord, Researcher, Late Victorian Catalogue

Jan Marsh, Researcher, Late Victorian Catalogue

Ann Poulson, Associate Curator (Research Coordinator)

Elizabeth Heath, Assistant Curator (Research)

Joseph Ripp, Librarian

Paul Cox, Associate Curator (Reference Collection/Prints)

Erika Ingham, Assistant Curator (Reference Collection)

Julia Webb, Assistant Curator (Reference Collection)

Bryony Millan, Archivist

Christina Tse, Assistant Archivist and Records Manager

Kristina Macdonald, Library Assistant

Francesca Odell, Library Assistant

Jack Gleeson, Library Assistant

Jacob Simon, Researcher

Lucy Peltz, Head of Collections Displays (Tudor to Regency) and Senior Curator 18th Century Collections

Catharine MacLeod, Senior Curator 17th Century Collections

Charlotte Bolland, Collections Curator 16th Century

Rab MacGibbon, Associate Curator (1600-1837)

Paul Moorhouse, Head of Collection Displays (Victorian to Contemporary) and Senior Curator 20th Century Collections

Sarah Howgate, Senior Curator Contemporary Collections

Rosie Broadley, Collections Curator 19th Century (on leave)

Ruth Brimacombe, Collections Curator 19th Century (maternity cover)

Lucy Wood, Assistant Curator (1910-Contemporary)

Phillip Prodger, Head of Photographs Collection

Clare Freestone, Associate Photographs Curator (Acquisitions and Collections)

Sabina Jaskot-Gill, Associate Curator, Photographs

Georgia Atienza, Assistant Curator, Photographs (Acquisitions and Collections)

Constantia Nicolaides, Assistant Curator, Photographs (Content and Interpretation)

Emily Burns, Assistant Curator (Van Dyck)

Tessa Kilgarriff, Collaborative Doctoral Award Candidate


Jude Simmons, Head of Design

Ian Gardner, Designer

Natalia Calvocoressi, Designer

Austin Barlow, Designer

James Cunninghame-Graham, Designer

Jodie Munns, Design Studio Assistant Apprentice

Digital Programmes

David Saywell, Head of Digital Programmes

Emanuel De Freitas, New Media Manager

Lanny Madhavan, New Media Officer

Fiona Livingston, New Media Assistant

Zaheen Qaiser, Digital Collections Content Co-ordinator

Alice Ross, Digital Collections Content Co-ordinator

Emma Cavalier, Digitisation Manager

Victoria Miller, Digitisation Officer

Edward Lyon, Digitisation Officer

Julia Bell, Collections Database Manager

Lizz Dawson, Database and Collections Management Assistant

Exhibitions & Collections

Sarah Tinsley, Director of Exhibitions & Collections

Sarah Howell-Smith, Executive Assistant, Curatorial, Exhibitions & Collections


Rosie Wilson, Head of Exhibitions

Michelle Greaves, Exhibitions Manager

Eloise Stewart, Exhibitions Manager

Melanie Pilbrow, International Tours Manager (on leave)

Tessa Brown, International Tours Manager

Clementine Williamson, Exhibitions Manager (Competitions) (on leave)

Keeley Carter, Exhibitions Manager; Competitions and Special Projects (maternity cover)

Ulrike Wachsmann, Exhibitions Officer

Collection Services

Penny Hughes, Head of Collections Services

Juliet French, Acquisitions Registrar (on leave)

Paulina Shearing, Acquisitions Registrar (maternity cover)

Ruth Slaney, Acquisitions Assistant

Stephen Huyton, Project Acquisitions Assistant

National Programmes

Laura Down, Head of National Programmes

Abigail Townsend, National Programmes Assistant

David McNeff, Loans Registrar

Imogen Haines, Loans Assistant

Caroline Pegum, Researcher/Co-ordinator, Understanding British Portraits network

John Leslie, Exhibitions Manager


Richard Hallas, Senior Conservation Manager

Pat Jackson, Senior Conservator: Sculpture

Helen White, Senior Conservator: Paintings

Laura Hinde, Conservator: Paintings

Abbey Granville, Assistant Conservator: Paintings

Lucie Page, Conservator: Works on Paper (on leave)

Alice Powell, Conservator: Works on Paper (maternity leave)

Stuart Ager, Frame Conservation Manager

Claire Irvine, Conservator: Frames

Laura Haines, Assistant Conservator: Frames

Art Handling

Karl Lydon, Art Handling Manager

Julian Buchan, Art Handling Technician

Danny Horner, Art Handling Technician

Mark Evans, Art Handling Technician

Matthew Wooller, Art Handling Technician

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Liz Smith, Director of Participation and Learning

Helen Whiteoak, Head of Participation

Justine McLisky, Head of Young People

Cheryl Bowen, Young People’s Programmes Manager

Roshni Hirani, Young People’s Programmes Assistant

Yejide Akinade, Learning Services Manager

Jessica Debba, Learning Services Assistant

Fiona Smith, Adult Programmes Manager

Thomas Knowles, Adult Programmes Assistant

Pippa Couch, Schools Programmes Manager

Liz Rideal, Art Resources Developer

Tanja Gangar, Learning Manager, Art (on leave)

Natalie Franklin, Learning Manager, Art

Rosie Burley, Access & Community Manager

Ruth Clarke, Participation Project Manager

Jan Cullen, Family Programmes Manager

Andrea Easey, Interpretation Editor

Bartosz Dylewski, A/V and Lecture Theatre Technician

Matthew Lewis, Digital Participation Producer

Cristina Escalona, Learning Services Assistant

Hazel Basran, Access and Community Assistant

Penny Jones, Van Dyck Programme Co-ordinator

Laura Blair, Creative Connections Project Intern

Matthew Turner, Digital Learning Assistant (Creative Connections Intern)

Communications & Development

Pim Baxter, Director of Communications & Development

Helen Corcoran, Manager, Communications


Denise Vogelsang, Head of Communications

Neil Evans, Media Relations Manager

Ailsa Mellor, Press Manager

Nick Budden, Marketing Manager

Scott Morris, Digital Communications Officer

Miranda Banfield, Marketing Assistant


Madolyn Grove, Senior Events Manager

Rhian Pressley, Events Manager

Amy Dall, Corporate Development and Events Officer

Gregory Batsleer, Artistic Director, Choir in Residence

Lucy Cronin, Administrator, Choir in Residence

Will Dutta, Creative Programmer, Friday Night Music


Jane Chambers, Senior Development Manager - Corporate and Major Projects

Mairi Sinclair, Corporate Development Manager

Daniel Isitt, Corporate Development Manager

Lucy Shaw, Patrons Officer

Michael Kelly, Individual Giving Assistant

Catherine Yexley, Senior Trust Fundraising Manager

Susie Holden, Trust Fundraising Manager

Rebecca Nicholl, Trust Fundraising Officer

Melanie Aram, Head of Major Gifts and Appeals

Holly Reed, Project Co-ordinator, Inspiring People

Anna Maria Foster, Membership & Gift Aid Manager

Emily Worth, Membership and Gift Aid Officer

Cassandra Makris, Membership Assistant


Lee Winters, Director of Operations and Resources

Information Technology

Andrew Pope, IT Infrastructure Specialist

Kevin Day, Application Specialist

Mark Mesa, Client Services Specialist

Bernard Ovu, IT Systems Support Analyst

Building Services

Allan Tyrrell, Engineering Manager 

John Dawson, Building Services Co-ordinator

Mark Ludlow, Building Services Engineer

Paul Playle, Facilities Manager

Fraser Burchill, Handyperson

Luke Walsh, Buildings and Facilities Trainee

Plant maintenance 

Visitor Services and Security

Adrian Jackson, Head of Visitor Services and Security

Kim Francis, Senior Visitor Services Operations Manager

Eileen Restall, Security Manager

Steven Payne, Sales and Ticketing Manager

Jennifer Hopkins, Visitor Services Operations Manager

Jane Riddell, Ticketing Operations Manager

Victoria Leyshon, Visitor Services Operations Manager

Jack Brill, Visitor Services Operations Manager

Emma James, Visitor Services Operations Manager

Lauren Gillham, Visitor Services Operations Manager (on leave)

Adam Norris, Visitor Services Operations Manager

Samantha Teatheredge, Visitor Services Co-ordinator

Chris Berry, Control Room Manager


Caroline Speed, Head of Personnel (on leave)

Shamailla Rashid, Human Resources Manager

Llorett Kemplen, Training & Development Manager 

Sally Moore, Human Resources Officer

Lyndsay Devonshire, Recruitment and HR Officer

Krystal Francis, Recruitment and HR Assistant

Alan Bateman, HR / Payroll Systems Manager

Gaby Ferber, Training and Development Assistant


Nick Hanks, Director of Finance and Planning

Helen Smith, Financial Controller

David Addington, Contracts, Commercial and Procurement Manager

Richard Youell, Payroll Officer

Sonal Karim, Purchase Ledger Officer

Peter Beadle, Sales Ledger Officer

Nicky Miles, Management and Planning Accountant

Kitty Dixon, Assistant Management & Planning Accountant

Michelle Chardin, Assistant Financial Controller

Emannuel Danso, Finance Assistant


Robert Carr-Archer, Director of Trading

Pamela Jahn, Assistant to the Director of Trading

Nicola Saunders, Head of Publishing, Rights and Images

Perry Bushell, Head of Retail


Christopher Tinker, Managing Editor

Sarah Ruddick, Senior Editor (on leave)

Andrew Roff, Editor

Ruth Müller-Wirth, Production Manager

Kathleen Bloomfield, Assistant Editor (maternity cover)

Hattie Clarke, Marketing Co-ordinator

Dale Hogan, Publishing Assistant

Rights & Images Office

Matthew Bailey, Rights & Images Manager

Gudrun Muller, Intellectual Property Officer

Emma Butterfield, Senior Rights & Images Officer

Elizabeth Taylor, Rights & Images Officer

Mark Lynch, Picture Researcher

Retail (Shop)

Rachael Tate, Merchandising & Buying Manager

Ana-Maria Perez de Rada, Buyer

Zuzu Dowd, Buying Assistant

Andrew Smith, Retail Operations Manager

Linda Fu, Assistant Retail Manager

Emma Delaney, Assistant Retail Manager

Terence Stewart, Ecommerce and Stores Co-ordinator

Kieran Wakeman, Stores Assistant

Gemma Oliver, Warehouse and online Assistant


Thomas  Knowles