Beningbrough Hall - Making Faces - Eighteenth Century style (floor 1)

On the First Floor, at the East end of the Saloon, you can discover the riches of the National Portrait Gallery's eighteenth-century collection in Visiting Portraits - an annually changing, thematic display of visitors from the National Portrait Gallery. Also in Portrait Explorer, the Gallery's acclaimed collection's IT, you can explore the whole collection in depth from Tudor times to the present or relax with a book and enjoy attractive views over Beningbrough's gardens.

The first of the Making Faces interactive galleries is Family Matters where you can have fun with three historic family portraits - Christopher Anstey with his Daughter, The Shudi Family and the Talman Family - and learn about domestic life in the eighteenth century. The exhibits and activities in Family Matters serve as an introduction to portraiture in the eighteenth century and will help you see more in the portraits at Beningbrough and other country houses and art galleries.

Making Facescontinues on the second floor

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Family Matters room, Beningbrough Hall

Family Matters room, Beningbrough Hall
© John MacLean

Download: In focus - Family Matters:
Christopher Anstey with his Daughter
The Shudi Family
The Talman Family

Portraits on display