Isaac Newton: The Age of Discovery

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21 September - 4 November 2012

Belton House


  • Partnership exhibition

John Locke
by Michael Dahl
circa 1693
NPG 114

As part of the Gravity Fields Festival in Grantham, the National Trust property Belton House will be showing a National Portrait Gallery display celebrating 350th anniversary of The Royal Society through portraits of some of the early scientific pioneers.

In the seventeenth century, intellectuals and academics developed a system of knowledge based on observation and experimentation – the founding of modern science.  This National Portrait Gallery display draws together portraits and miniatures of some of these early scientific pioneers including Sir Isaac Newton.

Isaac Newton spent his early years in Lincolnshire.  He was born in 1642 at a time which is now considered the start of an era of great scientific discoveries. Newton became one of the leading figures of an era of scientists and philosophers which included figures such as John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Edmond Halley and Samuel Pepys.

Gravity Fields


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