Rights and images


NPG 6062 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonAn application form for reproducing images from collections and charges for the use our images on your website.

Reproducing images from our collections Using our images on websites

Prints and reproductions

NPG 1 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonMany works from the Gallery's collections are available in a variety of print formats.

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NPG 6805 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonHow copyright permissions and prohibitions apply to portraits in the Gallery's collection on the website.

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Creators' rights

NPG 6641 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonA summary of UK copyright law including economic, moral and artist's resale rights.

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Intellectual Property Rights ('IPR') policy

NPG x123595 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonA definition, statement of principles, responsibilities and current procedures. Last updated May 2015.

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Copyright research and 'orphan works'

NPG 3047 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonHelp required to ensure rights information related to works in our Collections is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

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