Elizabeth Weisz Fund

Elizabeth Weisz bequeathed the Gallery eight drawings by her brother, Victor Weisz, the Evening Standard cartoonist, ‘Vicky’, in 2003. Additionally, the executors of her estate provided support to establish the Elizabeth Weisz Fund to enable the Gallery to extend its collection of caricatures and drawings.

The following caricatures have been purchased using the Elizabeth Weisz Fund.

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Thomas Patch, by Thomas Patch, late 1760s - NPG  - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Thomas Patch
by Thomas Patch
late 1760s
NPG 6913

James Bryce, 1st Viscount Bryce, by

James Bryce, 1st Viscount Bryce
by 'Stuff' (Harold Wright)
NPG 6749

Theodore Watts-Dunton, by Sir Henry Maximilian (

Theodore Watts-Dunton
by Sir Henry Maximilian ('Max') Beerbohm
NPG 6911

Thomas Henry Marlowe, by Powys Evans, 1922 - NPG  - © estate of Powys Evans

Thomas Henry Marlowe
by Powys Evans
NPG 6800

Howell Arthur Gwynne, by Powys Evans, 1924 - NPG  - © estate of Powys Evans

Howell Arthur Gwynne
by Powys Evans
NPG 6796

Arthur Henderson, by Powys Evans, 1924 - NPG  - © estate of Powys Evans

Arthur Henderson
by Powys Evans
NPG 6799

Ida Kar, by Suren Stepanian, 1957 - NPG  - © reserved; collection National Portrait Gallery, London

Ida Kar
by Suren Stepanian
NPG 6667

Image currently unavailable owing to copyright restrictions

Iris Murdoch
by Nicolas Clerihew Bentley
circa 1961
NPG 6912

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