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Album 176: Yesterdays with Authors by James T.Fields
Book published by Houghton, Mifflin and Company in Boston and New York for the University Press, Cambridge, 1900
Contains photogravure reproduction of Julia Margaret Cameron's portrait of James T.Fields and 8 other photogravures from photographs including William Makepeace Thackeray, Dr John Brown of Edinburgh, a group photograph of Nathaniel Hawthorne, James Thomas Fields and Wiliam Davis Ticknor, Cornelius Conway Fenton, Oliver Wendell Holmes and James Russell Lowell and others after paintings.
Purchased 1978
Acquisition numbers Ax29920 - Ax29927

Album 177: Photographic Groups of Eminent Personages

Dark red album 13 x 11inches containing six plates numbered A -F of albumen prints showing large montage head and should portraits of eminent men of the Victorian period including international subjects from Europe and America accompanied by a series of diagramatic keys to their identities within in the pyramidal structure of the montage.

Plate A shows 103 "Celebrities in the Church, Science, Literature, and Art"
Including "no 1 Late Prof Freeman of Oxford, Historian, no 6 (shown at centre top pinnacle point) Sir Frederic Leighton, President of the Royal Academy,
no 17. Max O'Rell, popular French Author and Lecture ,no. 44 M. Louis Pasteur, distinguished French Professor, no 76 Stanley J.Weyman, Novelist, no 95 Anthony Froude, historian, no 99 (central figure in bottom) Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate and no 103 late Hugh Miller, Geologist.

Plate B " Modern Celebrities: Political, Legal, etc"
113 identified subjects included (top row, centre ) no 6 Baron Ferdinand De Rothschild, M.P., no 47 (central figure) His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, and nos 108 and 109 (in garlanded frame in centre of bottom row) Rt. Hon W.E.Gladstone, M.P. and 109 Most Noble the Marquis of Salisbury and 113 the late Marqis Teng.

Plate C "Musical, Operatic and Dramatic Celebrities"
87 identified subjects including no 6 (top row centre) Late Mr Joseph Maas as Faust,
central figure no 45 ( in inset frame) Henry Irving, shown below no 35 Madame Sarah Bernhardt and above nos 61 and 62 (in reed archway) Miss Elsie CAREW and Miss Maud Cathcart, bottom left corner no 86 Dunward Lely as Don Juan and no 87 bottom row far right John Stainer, Musical Director.

Plate D "Musical Operatic and Dramatic Celebrities" (all female)
78 identified subjects including no 26 (central figure in frame) Madame Adelina Patti,
top row centre, no 4, Madame Albani. Others include no 40 Lady Dunlo, now Countess Clancarty and previously Belle Bilton, no 50 Miss Constance Gilchrist, now Countess of Orkney, and No 25 Lillie Langtry.

Plate E "Musical Operatic and Dramatic Celebrities"
108 identified subjects including in centre frame No 51 Mary Anderson, no 1 (top left corner)) David Lamond, Pianist, no 11 (top right corner) M.Gounod, Composer. No 96 (bottom left corner) Miss Maud Millet and no 106 (bottom left corner) Monsieur Virgent in Le Prophet

Plate F "Military and Naval Celebrities"
103 identified subjects including (top row centre) no 6 HRH Duke of Cambridge,
(top left) no 1 Late Lord Raglan, (top right) no 11 General sir W F Williams, the Hero of Kars, (bottom row far left) no 91 General Sir F W Greenfell, (bottom row far right) no 103 Sir Alex Milne, Bt, Admiral of the Fleet , and in central frame in centre of bottom row, nos 96 and 97 Wellington and Napoleon.

Album presented by C. H. Collins Baker in April 1915

Album 178: The Tichborne Claimant Trial Album
Album 179-180: Frederic G. Hodsoll Albums

See also Camera Portraits

Album 181: Lord Tennyson and his Friends
A series of 25 portraits and a frontispiece in photogravure from the negatives of Mrs Julia Margaret Cameron and H.H.H. Cameron, Reminiscences by Anne Thackeray Ritchie, with introduction by H.H. Hay Cameron.
Limited edition of 400 copies. No. 1. Signed by H.H. Cameron. Published by T. Fisher Unwin, Paternoster Square, 1893.
Acquired before 1939.
Indexed on slips 1939, catalogued.

Album 182: Barrington-Vaughan Album
Large format album (17 x 13 inch), 74 pages containing 146 portrait photographs (albumen prints) relating to the family, friends and relations of the children of the 6th Viscount and Viscountess Barrington. Topographic photographs relating to family homes including views of Beckett, Newton Don, Shrivenham Church and Ravensworth Castle. Other photographs include views of Venice and Paris as well as reproductions of Raphael and other High Renaissance artists.
Sitters include: 4th Earl of Bathurst, 2nd Baron Bloomfield, Countess of Clarendon, Countess of Kenmare, Alice and Edith Liddell, Maria Therese Earle, Countess of Hardwicke, Countess of Lytton, Francis Russell Nixon, Alfred & Mrs Sartoris, Rev. Francis St John Thackeray and Samuel Wilberforce.
N.B. Robert Howlett's 1857 portrait of I.K. Brunel transferred to Primary Collection (P112).
Given by A.J.W. Vaughan, 1972
12 biographical index of sitters compiled April 1987.

Album 183 : Historical Portraits Photographed in the Crimea by Roger Fenton

Large album bound in red buckrum with gold lettering on cover with above title includes 29 salt prints mounted on large-format off white pre-printed pages as published by Thomas Agnew and sons between 1855 and 1856 "of photographs taken in the Crimea during the Spring and Summer of 1855." And dedicated to Queen Victoria.

Includes the following subjects :

George William Frederick Charles, 2nd Duke of Cambridge (1819-1904), Fitzroy James Henry Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan 1789-1855, Aimable Jean-Jacques Pelissier, Duc de Malakoff (1794-1864), Sir James Simpson (1792-1868), Omar Pasha (1806-1871), Sir John William Gordon (1814-1870), Lieutenant-Colonel Sir John Campbell (1807-1855) with Captain Hume, Francis William Henry Fane, 12th Earl of Westmoreland (1825-1891), Sir Charles Ash Windham (1810-1870), Sir William John Codrington (1804-1884), Lord George Augustus Frederick Paget (1818-1880), Sir Richard England (1793-1883), Sir Colin Campbell, Baron Clyde (1792-1863), Sir Richard James Dacres (1799-1886) with Captain Hamley and Colonel Adye, Colonel Harding, General Labousiniere with General Beuret,
Sir John Lysaght Pennefather (1800-1872), Sir Harry David Jones (1791-1866)
James Bucknall Estcourt (1802-1855), Sir George De Lacy Evans (1787-1870),
Major-General Lockyer, Sir George Brown (1790-1865), Pierre-Francis Joseph Bosquet (1810-1861), Colonel Shewell, Sir James Yorke Scarlett (1799-1871) with Colonel Low, Sir George Buller 1802-1884), Sir Robert Garrett 1794-1869), Sir Henry John William Bentinck (1796-1878), and Prince Edward of Saxe Weimar (1823-1902)

Note. Inside front cover are two press cuttings, the fist dated September 15 1855 describing Fenton's project and the second shows page 557 from the Illustrated London News of November 10 1855 containing article "Mr Fenton's Crimean Photographs" with a crtical appreciation of their exhibition and an illustration in steel engraving of Fenton's Photographic Van.

Purchased from Stefan Lennert, May 1983
Acquisition numbers Ax24900 - Ax24928

Album 184: Mayalls Celebrities of the London Stage
A series of photographic portraits in character. 8 monthly parts, nos. 1-8, priced at 1s. 6d each. Published by Messrs. A. Marion & Son, Soho Square. Bound in red leather binding with biographies and advertisement.
8 carte-de-visite sized prints mounted on card pages.
Sitters include: Charles James Matthews, Kate Bateman, Theodore Wachtel, Fanny Stirling, Edward Compton, John Baldwin Buckstone, Benjamin Webster.
Purchased 1986. Catalogued.

Album 185: Fifty Leaders of British Sport
Red buckron bound volume embossed in gold with motif of foxes heads. Entitled 'A series of portraits by Ernest C. Elliott' (of Elliott & Fry) with biographical notes and a preface by F.G. Aflalo.
Published by John Lane, The Bodley Head, 1904.
Contains 50 Collotypes by Ernest C. Elliott of sitters including King Edward VII, King George V and Sir Pelham Warner.
Purchased 1984.
N.B. Many loose prints from this volume acquired at an earlier date.

Album 186: Representative Men of India
A collection of memoirs, with portraits of Indian princes, nobles, statesmen, philanthropists, officials and eminent citizens.
By Sorabji Jehangir, with an introduction by Sir George C.M, Birdwood. Published by W.H. Allen, 1889.
Large red and gold cloth bound volume containing 44 woodburytypes by various unidentified photographers together with biographies. 172 pages.
Sitters include: Lord Northbrooke, Marquess of Ripon, the Gaekwar of Baroda and Dudabhai Naoroji etc.
Purchased 1975. 

Album 187: Living Lives. Work and Workers
Red buckron binding.
Contains 5 carte de visite photographs mounted on letterpress pages together with biographies and two essays on Ireland and Biography by an unidentified writer.
Published by Provost & Co 40 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden.
Portraits include: Gladstone, Bright, Carlyle, Captain Sir James Anderson and A.M. Sullivan, M.P.
38 pages. Purchased 1987. 

Album 188: Photographs
Red leather box in shape of a small book, containing 15 cabinet portraits and 1 carte de visite, entitled on spine ' PHOTOGRAPHS'
Subjects include: Sir George Scharf and his circle, including Philip Norman, Leonard C.C. Lindsay, R.J.H. Somerset, George Cullum, Mary Lygon, Lionel Cust, J. Luard Pattison and Queen Victoria.
Photographs by Frederick Hollyer, The Cameron Studio, Hughes & Mullins, Barraud, Notman, Byrne & Co., and Gunn & Stuart.
Given by Mrs Patricia Coleby, January 1981. 

Album 189: The Theatre - A Monthly Review of The Drama, Music & the Fine Arts
Edited by Clement Scott
Vol. III - New Series, January - June 1881
Published by Charles Dickens & Evans, 26 Wellington Street
Contains 6 Woodburytype reproductions of photographs by the London Stereoscopic Company, Samuel A. Walker, Lock & Whitfield, and engraved portraits.
Subjects include: Florence St John, Myra Holme, Lizzie St Quinten, Helen Barry, Miss Leighton and a group including Edward Terry, Kate Vaughan, E.W. Royce and Kate Vaughan in 'The Merry Family', a burlesque of 'The Forty Thieves.
Purchased, March 1987. Catalogued. 

Album 190: The Theatre - A Monthly Review of the Drama, Music and the Fine Arts
Edited by Clement Scott
Vol. V - New Series, January - June 1882
Published by Charles Dickens & Evans, 26 Wellington Street
Contains 6 woodburytype reproductions of photographs by the London Stereoscopic Company and other photographers and engraved portraits.
Subjects include: Adelina Patti, Ada Cavendish, Lillie Langtry, Leonora Braham, Fannie Leslie and Violet Cameron.
Purchased March 1987. Catalogued. 

Album 191: The Theatre - A Monthly Review of the Drama, Music and the Fine Arts
Edited by Clement Scott
Vol. VI - New Series, July - December 1882
Published by Charles Dickens & Evans, 26 Wellington Street.
Includes 6 woodburytype reproductions of photographs by Brown, Barnes & Bell, London Stereoscopic Company and St James Photographic Company and engraved portraits.
Subjects include: Mary Rorke and Charles Wyndham in "14 Days", Adela Marson, Cissy Graham, Alma Murray, Kyrle Bellew, and Nelly Bromley.
Purchased March 1897. Catalogued. 

Album 192: Lafayette studio Royal Album Volume 1
Display album of 56 pages 17 x 15in containing 147 prints of varying size
With damaged card covers
Sitters include Edward, Duke of Windsor, King George V1, Prince George, Duke of Kent, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, Princess Mary, Countess of Harewood, Princess Marie-Louise of Schleswig-Holstein, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in 1909 and 1922, Princess Nicholas of Greece with her daughters Princess Olga and Princess Elizabeth, Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester with her sister Marchioness of Exeter, Grand Duchess Helen of Russia, Prince John and Edward V11 with Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany
Acquisition numbers Ax 26421 - Ax29384
Purchased 1986 Album 193: Lafayette studio Royal Album Volume 2

Album 194: Our Celebrities
Vol. II, Issues 13-18 and Royal Christmas Issue, July-December 1889

Red and gold cloth bound volume containing 19 carbon prints by Walery, mounted on card with sitters' facsimile signatures. Each plate is accompanied by a biographical text of the sitter, edited by Walery. Published by Sampson Low & Co., London.

Sitters include: Princess Augusta, Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz; Henry Edward Manning; Sir Sydney Waterlow, 1st Bt; Nasser al-Din, Shah of Persia; Alexander Duff, 1st Duke of Fife; Charles Beresford, Baron Beresford; Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett; Sir Henry Frederick Ponsonby; Sir James Whitehead, 1st Bt; Sir Squire Bancroft ; Marie, Lady Bancroft; Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of Lytton; Louis Pasteur; Alexandre Gustave Eiffel; Millicent (née St Clair-Erskine), Duchess of Sutherland; Frances Evelyn ('Daisy'), Countess of Warwick; Sir Robert Morier; Queen Victoria; King Edward VII

2 plates are missing from the album, but are represented as loose plates in the NPG collection.

Purchased 1991

Album 195: Our Celebrities: Contemporary portraits of distinguished personalities of the day
Vol. II, Issues 19-24, January-June 1890

Red and gold cloth bound volume containing 17 carbon prints by Walery, mounted on card with sitters' facsimile signatures. Each plate is accompanied by a biographical text of the sitter, edited by Walery. Published by Sampson Low & Co., London.

Sitters include: Sir Theodore Martin; Adelina Patti; Sir Anthony Hiley Hoskins; Sir John Walter Huddleston; Fanny Bernard-Beere; Sir Edward Birkbeck, 1st Bt; Philippe, 9th Duc d'Orleans; Charles Ritchie, 1st Baron Ritchie of Dundee; Frederic William Farrar; Henry Fitzalan-Howard, 15th Duke of Norfolk; Justin McCarthy; Harry Furniss; James Anthony Froude; Sir Francesco Paolo Tosti; Richard Cross, 1st Viscount Cross; Sir Henry Morton Stanley; Sir Arthur Wing Pinero

1 plate is missing from the album, but is represented as a loose plate in the NPG collection

Purchased 1991

Albums 196-198: Dignitaries of the Church: A Valuable Picture Gallery of Eminent Churchmen
Accompanied by concise biographies.
Published by Simpkin Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. Ltd.
In 3 volumes of 18 parts each: July - December 1889, nos. 1-18, January - June 1890, nos. 1 - 18, July - December 1890, nos 1-18.
Each containing 18 carbon print portraits after photographs by Samuel A. Walker of 230 Regent Street, reproduced by Walter Low & Sons of London, accompanied on card page mounts with facsimile signatures. 


Album 201: Our Celebrities
Vol. III, Issues 25-30, July-December 1890

Red and gold cloth bound volume containing 18 carbon prints by Walery, mounted on card with sitters' facsimile signatures. Each plate is accompanied by a biographical text of the sitter, edited by Walery. Published by Sampson Low & Co., London.

Sitters include: Sir James Linton; Margaret (‘Marguerite’) Macintyre; Sydney Grundy; John Tyndall; Hope Temple; George Robert Sims; Pablo Sarasate; Christine Nilsson; John Thomas North; Ada Rehan; George Du Maurier; Dame Nellie Melba; William Thomson; Maria Louisa, Lady Monckton; Robert Williams Buchanan; Sir Frederic Hymen Cowen; Hugh Reginald Haweis; Sir Hall Caine

Purchased June 1992

Album 202: Ernest Bevin Album
Red leather bound album with gilt lettering on cover.
Includes 20 pages with press photographs relating to the Labour Party and the opening of the Manchester offices of the Daily Herald newspaper in 1929.
Includes portraits of J.R. Clynes, J.S. Elias (Lord Southwood), Arthur Greenwood and Gracie Fields.
Given by Patrick Kinna, M.B.E., private secretary to Ernest Bevin, 1945-51, in June 1992. 

Album 203: Francis Goodman Album
Scrapbook compiled by Francis Goodman containing 6 large-format photographs and 105 2 ¼ inch-sized contact prints.

The photographs mainly date from the mid 1940s to the early 1950s, and the sitters represented derive from the worlds of royalty, society, literature, art, design, dance, film and theatre. They include: Anna May Wong; Sarah Churchill; Peter II, King of Yugoslavia with his wife and son; Margery Allingham; Sir Sacheverell Sitwell, 6th Bt and his wife Georgia; Cecil Beaton; Hermione Gingold; Peter Ustinov; Terence Rattigan; Eric Coates; Sir Ralph Richardson; James Mason with his wife Pamela; Graham Sutherland and his wife Katharine; Lida Ascher; Barbara White; Dodie Masterman; Anne (née Clifford), Viscountess Norwich; John Richardson; Geoffrey Bennison; James Bailey; Keith Vaughan; Diana Wynyard; Brenda Bruce; Dorothy Carrington (Lady Rose); Isobel Strachey; Pandit Ram Gopal; Anna Zinkeisen; Douglass Montgomery

There are also a number of contact prints taken in Capri, Italy in 1948, during the filming of The Golden Madonna (released 1949), showing the actors in character, relaxing on set and also some scenic views. The actors include Michael Rennie and Phyllis Calvert.

Letters to Goodman pasted into the scrapbook include:

- From Charles Benson, Chinese Embassy, on behalf of Madame Koo, thanking him for the prints (dated 18 July 1944)
-On behalf of the Queen of Yugoslavia making arrangements for their sitting (dated 10 September 1945)
-From the editor of ‘The Tatler and Bystander’ thanking Goodman for his work that year (dated 15 December 1947)
- From Cecil Beaton regarding his thoughts on Goodman’s photographs of him and selecting his favourite pose (undated, circa 1945)
- From James Mason indicating his selection of images from his sitting (undated)
- From Graham Sutherland indicating his and his wife’s favourite poses, details of his exhibition history and purchases of his works from major galleries/ collections, and of the art works that appear in the background of the photographs taken by Goodman (dated 5 June 1946)
- From Geoffrey Macnab, British Embassy, thanking Goodman for his photographs (dated 22 May, no year) (appears loose in scrapbook)

Goodman’s archive of original negatives was bequeathed to the National Portrait Gallery in 1989. Many of the negatives for the sittings in this album can be found here.

A display of Goodman’s work, Francis Goodman: Back in Focus, is on show at the National Portrait Gallery from 23 April until 3 November 2013.

Purchased from the photographer, 1988.
Catalogued (Ax39590 - Ax39692) and digitised.

Album 204 Album 204: Baroness D'Erlanger Album

Large format scrapbook and photograph album compiled by Catherine D'Erlanger, wife of Baron Frederic D'Erlanger 1868-1948, composer and businessman. The album reflects Catherine D'Erlanger's life and interests as a society hostess, patron of the arts, amateur artist, shell collector and interior decorator. Includes original photographs by Bassano, Hal Linden and Lafayette and others possibly taken by Alice Hughes, Baron De Meyer and Cecil Beaton. 82 large format pages, some water-stained and damaged.
Purchased 1992. 

Album 207: Fletcher Eckert Album
Olive green clothbound 'Postcard' Album presented by Mr R L Fletcher. Album compiled by his grandmother Kate Eckert (later Coutts) around 1904 - 05.
Contains 117 Theatrical postcards by various photographers including Lizzie Caswall Smith, Johnston & Hoffman, Ellis & Walery. Bassano & London Stereoscope Co.
Sitters include: 'Little Tich', Dan Leno, Marie Lloyd, Violet Vanbrugh, Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson, Queenie Leighton, Sir Gerald Du Maurier, Ada Reeve, Sir Henry Irving etc.
plus: 6 loose vintage prints from 1920s and 30s, including Penelope Dudley Ward and Constance Carpenter.
The vast majority of items have been autographed.
Acquired December 1994. 

Album 208: 'The Dramatic List' 1879
Library No. 10077 (catalogued by library in 1982 but acquired earlier)
"A record of The Principal Performances of Living Actors, Actresses of the British Stage. With Criticisms from Contemporary Journals. Compiled and Edited by Charles Eyre Pascoe".
London, Hardwicke and Bogue, 192 Piccadilly, W1.
Small green buckram covered volume with gold lettering. Containing 12 Woodburytypes.
Sitters include: Dame Ellen Terry, Lady Bancroft, Arthur Cecil, Sir Henry Irving, Dame Madge Kendall. 

Album 209: George Scharf
From the series: 'Photographic Portraits of Men of Eminence in Literature, Science, and Art with Biographical Memoirs' Edited by Edward Walford. Published February 1867.
A slim, small red cloth bound volume with gold lettering. Contains 1 albumen print of Sir George Scharf (Acquisition No. AX31823) by Ernest Edwards.
Given by Lord Stanhope February 1960. 

Album 210: Frederick Hollyer family album
Red Leather bound album with brass fastening containing carte-de-visite and cabinet sized apertures. Partially full album contains 83 albumen cartes including early photographs by Frederick Hollyer (1837-1933) operating from his Sunning Lodge, Bartholomew Villas, Kentish Town address and photographs of Hollyer, his son and parents Samuel and Mary Hollyer. Also contains six fine platinotype portraits on gold-bordered mounts on his 9, Pembroke Square, West Kensington studio mounts.
Acquired May 1995

Album 211: Frank O. Salisbury Album
Album relating to the painter Francis Owen ('Frank') Salisbury (1874-1962).
Brown buckram landscape format album containing photographs of the artist, his home 'Sarum Chase' in Hampstead (interior and the grounds) and copy photographs of some of his paintings (murals and portraits)
Transferred from the Archive and library


Album 212: 'Behind the Machine'
Slim ochre and black paper bound volume described as: ‘Behind the Machine: An Impression by Joseph Thorp with 10 studies by E.O. Hoppé'. Published 1922 Oriel Press, Wardour Street, London. Produced for the St James' Advertising and Publishing Co. Contains portraits and biographies of key employees. NPG acquisition numbers Ax76116-Ax76125
Transferred from the Archive, August 1995

Album 213: The Crack Shots of England
Black leather bound carte-de-visite album with metal clasp, approx. 6 x 9 inches.
Hand-painted title page 'The Crack Shots of England'.
On reverse of title page inscribed; 'Cecil Grosvenor Wilson from his mother
Ida Grosvenor Wilson, August 1901'
150 albumen carte-de-visite photographs taken by various London, provincial and foreign studios of the 1860s including Camille Silvy, Kilburn, Disderi & Co., Mayall and Southwell Brothers.
Sitters include 1st Baron Brabourne, 7th Earl Cowper and 1st Baron Swansea.
NPG acquisition numbers Ax77065-Ax87097
Purchased December 1996

Album 214: Country House Album of Lady Malcolm
Green leather bound album in landscape format approx 11 x 15 1/2 inches with gilt decoration in Art Noveau style and raised metal initials 'J.M.'. Bound by J.C. Vickery of Regent Street.
Compiled by Jeanne-Marie (née Langtry), Lady Malcolm (only daughter of Lillie Langtry and Prince Louis of Battenberg). Married Sir Ian Zachary Malcolm in 1902.
Contains 128 photographs and many autographs of leading Edwardian Society figures. Compiled between 1907 and 1912 it also 2 later group photographs, which include Queen Mary from 1923 and 1924. 69 of the prints include people either singularly or in groups, the remainder being landscapes, grounds and parkland, houses and buildings, interiors
Important identified sitters include Viscount Harcourt, Lord Curzon, Vita Sackville West, (Joseph) Austen Chamberlain and his wife Ivy Chamberlain.
Presented by the compiler's daughter, Mary Malcolm (Mrs Colin McFadyean)
See NPG Report 1997/98 for photograph of her by Michael Ward looking at a photograph of her grandmother Lillie Langtry by Lafayette at opening of the National Portrait Gallery High Society exhibition

Album 215: Photographs of Doctors (Men of Science)
Brown cloth and leather bound album approx 13 x 10 inches. Spine missing and pages coming adrift A partly filled album of 36 photographs of eminent men of science compiled by Horatio Percy Symonds. Includes cartes-de-visite and cabinet portraits as well as larger albumen prints by photographers such as Maull & Polybank, Maull & Co, Barraud and Jerrard. Some are already represented in the collection. It also includes a fine photograph of Thomas Huxley and an earlier salt print of Professor Anstey.
Provenance: Given to A G Gibson by Mr Symonds in 1933
Acquisition numbers Ax87526-87550. 

Album 216: English Celebrities of the 19th Century Part One
Dark red leather bound album embossed with gold lettering and decoration
With montage image of the Royal Family inset on the cover.
Inside are albumen prints mounted on card pages of montaged groups- partly graphic and based on photographic portraits. Biographical text accompanies all the plates.
Plate One- Politicians - Conservative
Montage group of Earl Derby, Lord Cairns, Sir Stafford Northcote, Gathorne Hardy, Benjamin Disraeli, Earl Beaconsfield and the Marquis of Salisbury
Plate Two Politicians - Liberals
W.E.Gladstone, John Bright, W.E.Forster, Earl Granville, Lord Selbourne, Hon R.Lowe and Marquis of Hartington
Plate Three - Authors and Novelists
Lord Bulwer Lytton, Lord Macaulay, Thomas Carlyle, William Makepeace Thackeray, Charles Dickens, George MacDonald, A.J.Froude, Wilkie Collins, Anthony Trollope
Plate Four - Authors
Charles Lamb, John Stuart Mill, Charles Darwin, Herbert Spencer, Charles Kingsley, and John Ruskin
Plate Five - Science
Michael Faraday, Sir David Brewster, John Tyndall, Thomas Huxley, and Sir Charles Wheatstone.
Plate Six Artists
J.M.W. Turner, Sir David Wilkie, Sir Edwin Landseer, John Everett Millais,William Powell Frith and William Holman Hunt
Footnote at back of book "Note - Part 2 -The Completion of this work will be published early in 1877."
Orators, Statesmen, Authors, Novelist, Artists, Philosophers
Published by Hughes & Edmonds, Cheapside
Presented by Mrs Granville Proby in September 1944 

Album 217
Green cloth leather bound album measuring 13 by 10 inches with 89 pages containing 86 cartes-de-visite and 80 miscellaneous engraved portraits. Sitters of photographs include Queen Victoria and her grand-daughter Victoria of Hesse (p 25), Florence Nightingale (p 31), Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield (p 21) and William Gladstone (p 21). Many appear with accompanying signatures. Photographers include Disderi, G W Wilson, Mayer Brothers, Ernest Edwards and John and Charles Watkins. Presented by the Theatre Museum, March 2003.

Lady Ottoline Morrell Collection
12 Albums containing a total of 3,953 prints

Album 218 (Lady Ottoline Morrell Album One)
Contains 118 numbered pages with 195 prints
Also includes two copy prints of "Ottoline Bentinck" by H.H. Cameron from 1900
Cover design possibly by Boris Anrep

Sitters include: Emily Chadbourne, Baroness Olga de Meyer, Edmond Nicolis, Count of Robilant and Cereaglio, Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson, Catherine Eastwood (née Peel), Claude Geoffroy-Dechaume, Lord Haldane, Edward Horner, Henry James, Augustus John, Dorelia McNeil, Julian John, Robin John, Mrs Kochlin, Henry Lamb, John Frederick Lambton, 5th Earl of Durham, Neville Stephen Lytton, 3rd Earl of Lytton, Harriette Morrell, Julian Morrell, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Phillip Morrell, Ethel Sands, Logan Pearsall Smith, Alice Watt (née Cavendish Bentinck), Elizabeth Wethered (née Cavendish Bentinck).

Locations include: UK: Peppard Cottage (Henley-on-Thames), Newington House, Black Hall (Oxfordshire), Mells (Somerset), Hampton Court (Surrey) and London. Austria: Gastein and Innsbruck. Italy: Verona, Venice, Padua, and Milan. Switzerland: Lucerne. France: Paris, Nimes, Vienne, Arles, Avignon and Aigues-Mortes.

Album 219 (Lady Ottoline Morrell Album Two)
Contains 125 numbered pages holding 225 prints
1908 -1913

Sitters include: Raymond Asquith, Katharine Frances Asquith (née Horner), Lord Henry Bentinck, Catherine Colomb (Marion Reymond, née Colomb), Augustus John, Desmond MacCarthy, Molly MacCarthy, Harriette Morrell, Julian Morrell, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Philip Morrell, Anne Peel, Catherine Peel, John Peel, Roger Peel, Stephen Peel, Sir Walter Raleigh, Ethel Sands, Lytton Strachey, Mildred Townshend, Christopher Warren, Virginia Woolf.

Locations include: UK: 44 Bedford Square (London), Peppard Cottage (Henley-on-Thames), Upwood Park, Black Hall, Newington House, The Wharf, Sutton Courtney (Berkshire), Studland (Dorset), Folkestone (Kent), Broughton nr Banbury, Breach House Cholsey, (Berkshire) and Gawthorpe Hall Padiham, nr. Burnley. Italy: Venice, Rome. France: Paris, La Bourboule and Aix-en-Provence. Switzerland: Lausanne, Leysin

Album 220 (Lady Ottoline Morrell Album Three)
Contains 125 numbered pages with 480 prints (two pages labelled Katherine Mansfield have been removed). Some loose pages.

Sitters include: Marc Allégret, Clifford Allen, H. H. Asquith 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, Katharine Frances Asquith (née Horner), Clive Bell, Vanessa Bell, Lord Henry Bentinck, Elisabeth Bibesco, Augustine & Tony Birrell, Edmund Blunden, Mary Blunden (née Daines), Helen Violet Bonham Carter, Baroness Asquith, Dorothy Brett, Sylvia Brooke (née Brett) Ranee of Sarawak, Professor Frederick Brown, Dorothy Bussy, Simon Bussy, Gilbert Cannan, Dora Carrington, Eric Chappelow, Mrs Clutton-Brock, Eric Dickinson, Goldsworthy L. Dickinson, Pierre Drieu la Rochelle, Tommy W. Earp, T. S. Eliot, Vivien Eliot, Mildred Ellis, E. M. Forster, David Garnett, Mark Gertler, André Gide, Lionel Gomm (née Lionnel Harry Weedon Collinson), Charles Gore (Anglican Bishop of Oxford, Eva Gore-Booth, Duncan Grant, Osmond Thomas Grattan Esmonde, 12th Bt, Robert Graves, Flora Grieson, Lord Harcourt, Philip Heseltine (Peter Warlock), Barbara Hiles, Lady Horner, Mary St. John Hutchinson, Aldous Huxley, Juliette Huxley (née Baillot), Maria Huxley (née Nys), Mathew Huxley, Michio Itow, John Maynard Keynes, Lalage (Julian's cousin), D. H. Lawrence, Edward G. D. Living, Michael Llewelyn-Davies, Ramsay MacDonald, Michael MacCarthy, Molly MacCarthy, Alan MacIver, Miles Malleson, Judith Masefield, H. W. Massingham, Howard Moise, Evan Morgan, Julian Morrell, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Philip Morrell, May Morris, Arthur Murry, John Middleton Murry, Geoffrey Nelson, Robert Nichols, Harry Norton, Rex (Ralph) Partridge, Frank Prewett, Robert Ross, Bertrand Russell, Alix Sargant-Florence, Siegfried Sassoon, John T. Sheppard, Gerald and Fredegond Shove, Lucy Silcox, Gilbert and Stanley Spencer, Lytton Strachey, Hassan Shahid Suhrawardy, Walter Taylor, Boris Von Anrep. John H. Whitehouse, Mildred Wooddruff, Dorothy Wrinch, W. B. Yeats.

Locations include: UK: Garsington Manor, Beckley, (Oxfordshire), Cookham (Berkshire), Mells (Somerset). France: Dieppe

Album 221 (Lady Ottoline Morrell Album Four)
Contains 133 numbered pages with 552 prints

Sitters include: Anthony Asquith, Emma Alice Margaret (Margot), Countess of Oxford and Asquith, H. H. Asquith 1st Earl of Oxford, Katharine Frances Asquith (née Horner), Vanessa Bell, Lord Francis Morven Bentinck, Lord Henry Bentinck, Lady Olivia Bentinck (née Taylour), Elizabeth Bibesco, Augustine Birrell, Edmund and Mary Blunden, Simon Bussy, Lord David Cecil, Lady Rachel Cecil (née MacCarthy), Lady Gwendeline Churchill, John Cournos, Colin De la Mare, Jean de Menasce, André Derain, G. Lowes Dickinson, T.W.D. Dyson, Vivien Eliot, E M Forster, Sylvester Gates, Robert Gathorne-Hardy, L. P. Hartley, Mark Gertler, Colin and Margery Gill, Oliver St. John Golarty, Kenneth Grahame, Duncan Grant, Lord Haldane, Aldous Huxley, Maria Huxley (née Nys), Julian Huxley, Juliette Huxley (née Baillot), Jerome K. Jerome, Winifred Knight, Percy Wyndham Lewis, Dermot MacCarthy, Desmond and Molly MacCarthy, Jean Marchand, Judith Masefield, Noel Moore, Harriette Morrell, Julian Morrell, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Philip Morrell, William Force Stead, Frank Prewett, Philip Ritchie, Rosie Rose, John Rothenstein, Bertrand Russell, Dora Russell (née Black), Edward Sackville-West, Charles Sanger, Seigfried Sassoon, Alexander Scott, Donna Elena Scudder, John T. Sheppard, Eric Siepmann, Dede, Billy and Jimmie Smith, Sebastian Sprott, Gilbert and Stanley Spencer, Cecil J. Sprigge, John Strachey, Lytton Strachey, L.A.G. Strong, J. W. N. Sullivan, Walter Taylor, H. M. Tomlinson, Delphine & Walter J. Turner, Helen Von Anrep (née Maitland), Mildred Woodruff, Virginia Woolf, W. B. Yeats, Georgie Yeats (née Hyde-Lees).

Locations include: UK: Garsington Manor (Oxfordshire), Boarstall Tower nr. Aylesbury, Stratford on Avon, Underley Hall (Lake District), Studland (Dorset). Italy: Rome, Villa d'Este (Tivoli), Villa Lante (Bagnaia), Villa Farnese (Caprarola), Anzio, Assissi.

Album 222 (Lady Ottoline Morrell Album Five)
Contains 132 numbered pages with 524 prints
Lady Ottoline Morrell (photographed by Kyrle Leng, 1923)

Sitters include: Helen Asquith, Katharine Frances Asquith (née Horner), Perdita Asquith, Harold Baker, Daniel Balniel (later Lord Crawford), William Arthur Bentinck, 6th Duke of Portland, William Arthur Bentinck, Marquess of Titchfield, later 7th Duke Of Portland, Lord Francis Morven Bentinck, Lord Henry Bentinck, Betty Bentinck, Alice Bentinck, Lord Berners, Elizabeth Bibesco, David Bowes-Lyon, Maurice Bowra, Monica Bridges (née Waterhouse), Robert Bridges, Dora Carrington, Lord David Cecil, James Ching, Lady Gwendeline Churchill, Walter De la Mare, Jean de Menasce, G. Lowes Dickinson, Lord Dillon, T. S. Eliot, Percy Feilding, H. A. L. Fisher, Robert Gathorne-Hardy, Jerome K. Jerome, Augustus John, Sylvester Gates, King George VI (then Duke of York) Mark Gertler, Maxim Gorky, Sir John Francis Fortescue Horner, Thomas Hardy, L. P. Hartley, Lady Horner, Lord Howard de Walden, Margot Howard de Walden, Julian Huxley, Augustus John, Clifford Kitchin, Eardley Knollys, Henry Lamb, Kyrle Leng, Norah Lindsay, Desmond MacCarthy, Victor Mallet, Frances Marshall, Dr. Marten, John Masefield, Charles F. G. Masterman, Harriette Morrell, Julian Morrell, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Philip Morrell, Raymond Mortimer, William Nicholson, Rex (Ralph) Partridge, T. F. Powys, Peter Ralli, Philip Ritchie, Rosie Rose, Bertrand Russell, John Russell, Edward Sackville-West, Charles Sanger, Siegfried Sassoon, Frank Schuster, Billie, Dede, Jimmie and Mary Smith, Gilbert and Stanley Spencer, Marian Stoll, Lytton Strachey, Oliver Strachey, L. A. G. Strong, Viscount Sudley, Walter Taylor, Lord Thompson, Maggie Tinder, Delphine and Walter J. Turner, Igor Vinogradoff, David Wemyss, Billy Woodruff, Virginia Woolf, W. B. Yeats.

Locations include: UK: Garsington (including the Fête in June 1923), Ditchley, Shipton Court, Sutton Courtenay, Wittenham Clumps, Sutton Courtenay, Oxford, Chilswell (Oxfordshire) Breach House in Cholsey, The Mill House in Pangbourne (Berkshire), Torquay (Devon), Mells, Montacute House (Somerset), Longleat (Wiltshire), Blandford, Cranbourne Manor, Weymouth, Puddletown Church (Dorset), Tewkesbury Abbey, Berkeley Castle (Gloucestershire) Clun Castle, Ellesmere, Ludlow (Shropshire), Winchester (Hampshire), Brighton (Sussex), Cornwall, Chirk Castle, Wrexham (Wales), Langwell, Caithness (Scotland). Germany: Freiburg (Baden)

Album 223 (Lady Ottoline Morrell Album Six)
Contains 120 numbered pages with 262 prints

Sitters include: H. H. Asquith 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, Emma Alice Margaret (Margot), Countess of Oxford and Asquith, Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour, William Arthur Bentinck, 6th Duke Of Portland, William Arthur Bentinck, Marquess of Titchfield, later 7th Duke Of Portland, Lord Francis Morten Bentinck, Elizabeth Bibesco, Maurice Bowra, Robert Bridges, Lord David Cecil, Lord Hugh Cecil, Hendrikus Colijn, Hon. Victoria Helen Colman (née Loder), Colin de la Mare, Arnold Dolmetsch, Susan Fielding, Robert Gathorne-Hardy, Mark Gertler, Jules Godby, William Henry Grenfell, Baron Desborough, Ethel Fane Grenfell, Baroness Desborough, L. P. Hartley, Julian Huxley, Juliette Huxley (née Baillot), Mr Darsie & Mrs Japp, Edward Knoblock, Eardley Knollys, Henry Lamb, Filippo Lante, Kyrle Leng, Norah Lindsey, Desmond & Molly MacCarthy, Edward Marsh, Dame Nellie Melba, Noel Moon, Julian Morrell, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Philip Morrell, Raymond Mortimer, Lady Phyllis Nichols (née Spender-Clay), Harold Nicolson, T. F. Powys, Peter Quennell, Peter Ralli, Ralph Ricketts, Rosie Rose, Bertrand Russell, Vita Sackville-West, Sir Philip Sassoon, Siegfried Sassoon, Frank Schuster, Lucy Silcox, Billy, Dede, Jimmie and Mary Smith, Gilbert and Stanley Spencer, Lytton Strachey, Viscount Sudley, Walter Taylor, Delphine and Walter J. Turner, Albertine & Renira van Heeckeren van Kell, Igor Vinogradoff, Wilhelm Viktor Von Ilsemann, Lady Wemyss, Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Locations include: UK: Garsington Manor, Oxford, Black Hall, Wytham, The Wharf, Sutton Courtney (Berkshire), Thame (Oxfordshire), Winchester (Hampshire), Taplow Court (Berkshire), Long Barn, Weald Sevenoaks (Kent), Cranbourne Manor (Dorset) Hampton Court (Surrey), Stonehenge, Bath (Wiltshire). Holland: Middachten, Amerongen, Twickel, Loevestein, The Zuyder Zee.

Album 224 (Lady Ottoline Morrell Album Seven)
Contains 118 numbered pages with 295 prints

Sitters include: Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour, Maurice Baring, Lord Charles Bentinck, Lord Henry Bentinck, Winifred Bentinck (née Dallas-Yorke), 6th Duchess of Portland, Lord Berners, Maurice Bowra, Lord David Cecil, Lord Hugh Cecil, Charles Spencer Churchill, 9th Duke of Marlborough, Gladys Spencer Churchill (née Deacon), Duchess of Marlborough, Walter de la Mare, G. Lowes Dickinson, T. S. Eliot, Mildred Ellis, Robert Gathorne-Hardy, Mark Gertler, Ethel Fane Grenfell, Baroness Desborough, L. P. Hartley, Eardley Knollys, Kyrle Leng, Diana Matthias & family, Julian Morrell, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Philip Morrell, Lady Phyllis Nichols (née Spender-Clay), Sir Philip Nichols, Sir William Nicholson, Philip Ritchie, Bertrand Russell, Edward Sackville-West, Ethel Sands, Siegfried Sassoon, Edith Smith, Billy and Jimmie Smith, Gilbert Spencer, Philip Tilden, Walter Taylor, Delphine and Walter J. Turner, Ivy Titchfiled (née Gordon-Lennox), Igor Vinogradoff, W. B. Yeats.

Locations include: UK: Garsington Manor, Abingdon, Oxford, The Wharf, Sutton Courtney (Berkshire), Newington House, Compton Beauchamp, Blenheim Palace (Oxfordshire) Bury St. Edmunds (Suffolk), Clovelly (Devon), Puddletown (Dorset) Wells Cathedral (Somerset), Welbeck Abbey, Newstead Abbey (Nottinghamshire), Bolsover Castle (Derbyshire), Ruthin (North Wales)

Album 225 (Lady Ottoline Morrell Album Eight)
Contains 125 numbered pages with 397 prints

Sitters include: Anthony Asquith, H. H. Asquith 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, Lady Frances Balfour, George Baltus, Evelyn Baring, Sir Albert Beit, 2nd Bt, Lord Henry Bentinck, Lady Olivia Bentinck (née Taylour), William Arthur Bentinck, Marquess of Titchfield, later 7th Duke Of Portland, Winifred Bentinck (née Dallas-Yorke), 6th Duchess of Portland W. P. Blore, Maurice Bowra, Robert Bridges, Dora Carrington, Lord David Cecil, Princess Chigi, Catherine Colomb (Marion Reymond, née Colomb), Anne & Basil de Selincourt, Lady Gage, Elizabeth & Robert Gathorne-Hardy, Gen Hon. Sir John F. Gathorne-Hardy, Victor Goodman, William Henry Grenfell, Baron Desborough, Ethel Fane Grenfell, Hon. Monica M. Grenfell, Hon. Ivo George W. Grenfell, Baroness Desborough, L. P. Hartley, Lady Kythé & Sir Philip Hendy, Aldous & Maria Huxley (née Nys), Julian, Juliette Huxley (née Baillot), Matthew Huxley, Lady Hylton, Kyrle Leng, Lady Lyttelton, Roger Makins, Umberto Di Lauriano Morra, Julian Morrell, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Philip Morrell, Elsie Myers, Leopold H. Myers, William R. Morris, Phil Nichols, Cynthia Noble, Viscount Nuffield, Claude, Jean Reymond, A. L. Rowse, Diana Sackville-West, Siegfried Sassoon, Billy & David Smith, Sebastian Sprott, Lytton Strachey, Nancy Tennant, Mrs Clive Tennyson, Philip Tilden, Ivy Titchfiled (née Gordon-Lennox), Stephen Tomlin, Junia von Anrep, Virginia & Leonard Woolf.

Locations include: UK: Garsington Manor, Chilswell, The Wharf, Sutton Courtney (Berkshire), Panshanger, Hatfield (Hertfordshire), Folkestone (Kent), London. France: Les Andelys (Normandy), Auxerre, Amiens, Monet's Garden in Giverny, Chartres, Sens, Salieu, Bourg-en Bresse, Chambery. Switzerland: Yverdon-Les-Bains, Simplon Pass. Italy: Villa d'Este (Lake Como), Bergamo, Brescia, Vicenza, Verona, Bologna, Modena, Venice, Parma, Ferrara, Milan, Turin, Pisa, Siena, Pienza, Urbino, Ravenna, Rimini, Florence, Forte dei Marmi, Portofino, Genoa Mont Cenis.

Album 226 (Lady Ottoline Morrell Album Nine)
Contains 127 numbered pages with 395 prints

Sitters include: Quentin Bell, Lord Charles Bentinck, Lord Francis Morven Bentinck, Lord Henry Bentinck, Lady Olivia Bentinck (née Taylour), Winifred Bentinck (née Dallas-Yorke), 6th Duchess of Portland, Sir Aldo Castellani, Lady Rachel Cecil (née MacCarthy), Walter d'Arcy Cresswell, Walter de la Mare, Jean de Menasce, Basil de Selincourt, Harold Stanley 'Jim' Ede, T. S. Eliot, Robert Gathorne-Hardy, Marjorie (née Hodgkinson) Gertler, Mark Gertler, Anne A. Goodman, Victor Goodman, Lord Algernon Charles & Lady Blanche Gordon-Lennox, Duncan Grant, Graham Vivien (née Dayrell-Browning) Greene, Lady Kythé & Sir Philip Hendy, Aldous, Maria (née Nys) & Matthew Huxley, Julian & Juliette Huxley (née Baillot), Augustus John, Samuel S. Koteliansky, Frieda Lawrence (née von Richthofen), Rosamond Lehmann, Desmond MacCarthy, Betty & Diana Mathias, Tina Meller, Hope Mirrlees, Alida Monro, Alberto Moravia, Alberto Di Lauriano Morra, Julian Morrell, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Philip Morrell, Raymond Mortimer, Benito Mussolini, Eve Myers, L. H. Myers, Lady Phyllis Nichols (née Spender-Clay), Wogan Philipps, T. F. Powys, Peter Quennell, Bertrand Russell, Dora Russell (née Black), Ethel Sands, Siegfried Sassoon, Lucy Silcox, Gilbert Spencer, James Stephens, Lytton Strachey, Arthur David Waley, Virginia Woolf, W. B. Yeats.

Locations include: UK: Garsington Manor, Broughton Grange (Oxfordshire), Bury Manor (Gloucestershire), St. Annes Hill, Chaldon (Surrey), Hampton Court (Surrey), Bredon Rectory (Worcestershire), Westmoreland (Cumbria), Denham (Suffolk), Fountains Abbey (Yorkshire), Chichester, Petworth House (Sussex), Preston Deanery (Northamptonshire), Welbeck Abbey (Nottinghamshire), Bolsover Castle (Derbyshire), Cofe, Abbotsbury (Dorset), Bramshill (Hampshire), Cambridge, 10 Gower St. London. France: Loire Valley, Richelieu, Cahors, Castres, Albi, Montauban, La Rochelle, Agde, Carcassonne, Aigues-Mortes, Bouches-du-Rhône, St. Rémy de Povence, Arles, Villenueve, Vaucluse, Orange, Vienne, Bourges, Beauvais, Aix-en-Provence, Sanary, Nimes. Italy: Rome

Album 227 (Lady Ottoline Morrell Album Ten)
Contains 114 numbered pages with 376 prints
1931 -1934
Inside front cover: Two Beaton sepia postcard photographs of Lady Ottoline Morrell and inside back cover two enlargements of Beaton and OM at Ashcombe

Sitters include: Cecil Beaton, Count Bentinck, Count Godard Bentinck, Countess Victoria Bentinck, William Arthur Bentinck, 6th Duke Of Portland, Lord Berners, Elizabeth Bowen, Aldo Castellani, Lady Castlerosse, Lord David & Lady Rachel Cecil (née MacCarthy), Marc & Mrs Connelly, Walter de la Mare, T.S. Eliot, Vivien Eliot, Mildred Ellis, Mark Gertler, Anne, Adrian, Philip & Victor Goodman, Lady Blanche Gordon-Lennox, L.P. Hartley, Juliette Huxley (née Baillot), Samuel S. Koteliansky, Hope Mirelees, Alberto Moravia, T. Sturge Moore, Julian Morrell, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Philip Morrell, Lady Nichols Phyllis Spender-Clay, Edith Olivier, Hester Sassoon (née Gatty), Siegfried Sassoon, James Stephens.
-Kaiser Wilhelm II and Empress Cecilie
-King George V and Queen Mary

Locations include: UK: 10 Gower St, The Strand, Somerset House, Trafalgar Square, Lincoln's Inn, Bedford Square, St James Square, Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral (London) Canterbury Cathedral, Hampton Court (Surrey), Witton House (Lancashire) Ashcombe, Daye House, Heytesbury House (Wiltshire). Belgium: Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels. Netherlands: Amerongen, Diepenheim, Volendam, Doorn, Gouda, Leiden, Middachten, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague. Germany: Freiburg, Titisee, Lindenberg, Bamberg. Italy: Capri, Palermo, Selinunte, Siracusa (Sicily), Naples, Venice. Greece: Athens, Olympia, Delphi, Mistra. France: Nancy, Toulon.

Album 228 (Lady Ottoline Morrell Album Eleven)
Contains 75 page with 200 prints

Sitters include: William Arthur Bentinck, 6th Duke of Portland, Simon Bussy, Walter de la Mare, Adrian & Victor Goodman, Bryan Guinness, Michael MacCarthy, Lady & Sir Ross Masood, Julian Morrell, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Philip Morrell, Mr & Mrs Norton, Lady C. V. Raman, Gertrude Sen, Sarita Enriqueta, Lady Vansittart (née Ward), Dorothy Wellesley, Duchess of Wellington, W. B. Yeats.

Locations include: India: Madras, Vellore, Conjeeveram, Travancore, Cochin, Mysore, Bangalore, Hyderadad, Ellora, Ajants (Maharashtra), Bhopal, Varanasi, Calcutta, New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Baroda, Bombay. UK: London, Hampton Court (Surrey), Welbeck Abbey (Nottinghamshire), Bolsover Castle (Derbyshire), Well Place (Ipsden, Oxfordshire), Biddesden House (Wiltshire), Bramshill (Hampshire), Denham Court (Buckinghamshire).


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