NPG 1407 (1a/1b/2c)

Letter from Cecil Rhodes to G.F. Watts, dated
12 May 1898, announcing his wish to be painted by the artist.


May 12 1898

Dear Sir,
I told Mrs Stanley I would like you to paint me
as yours are the best and I owe a likeness to Bulawago - to my people. I did not know you would do it as I was told you were particular




I cannot come on Tuesday as I am going to Salvation Army farm with Lord Loch and it will take the whole day. I will come on Wednesday
at 9.30 if you agree. I may be off on Saturday following. This is our last




chance. Herkomer has done me but he made
me an alderman and that is just what I am not.
I have sent photographs to your house so that
you can begin on Tuesday without me. I dropped on the whole thing by accident as I saw the notice outside your house that the public might look at your pictures and your man was very kind & thought you might like to paint me.

C. J. Rhodes

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