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Copy of article from The Times, dated 5 May 1914, reporting the attack on the portrait, then on display at the Royal Academy, by the suffragette Mary Wood.

Article from The Times

Day May 5, 1914

Sargent Portrait of Henry James Damaged

A Woman In Custody

The militant suffragists added yesterday to their long list of outrages by a violent attack on Mr. Sargent's portrait of Mr. Henry James at the Royal Academy. The attack, as in the case of that upon the "Rokeby" Venus at the National Gallery, was made with a meat chopper. the assailant being an elderly woman of distinctly peaceable appearance. The picture, which was covered by glass, was badly cut in three separate places, on the left side of the head, on the right side of the mouth, and below the right shoulder. The cut were of a jagged character and the paint has been stripped from the canvas in places.

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