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Handwritten account, (1914), of the painting by Henry Jamyn Brooks.


(always present) would come to me and request me to put it up. So I had to go round the country and make sketches of all the pictures represented on the walls, but every owner gave me permission to do this without demur.

The large central picture The Apotheosis of the Duke of Buckingham by Rubens and Jordaens I sketched at Osterley Park the seat of the Earl of Jersey. The pictures each side of the above by Vandyke, are now in the Wallace Collection, but they were then the private property of Sir Richard Wallace at Hertford House. Well do I remember Sir Richard Wallace with his courtly address and charming french manners conducting me through the galleries.

For the two Wilsons, (a small portion of one is seen on the extreme right) I had to got to the seat of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn in Wales. The Queen Charlotte I copied from a similar picture in the Abingdon Council Chamber, it is by Gainsborough. I forget where I went to for the Franz Halls and Vandyke's horse. For the Enchanted Castle by Claude - (almost hidden in the picture) I had to go to Lord Wantage. There are two other pictures one of which I believe belonged to Mr Humphrey Ward the other to Mr Holman Hunt. For the Sir Joshua representing the Hon Miss Monckton afterwards the notorious Lady Cork I had to go to Mr E.P. Monckton's. Mr Monckton had a daughter who resembled the Miss Monckton of the picture so they playfully gave her the name of Lady Cork. I was shewn a photograph in which Mr Monckton's daughter was

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