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Letter from John Flaxman to William Brockedon, dated 14 December 1824, thanking him for a clipping from a French newspaper in which Flaxman is praised.


Buckingham Street Fitzroy Square
14th Dec. 1824

Dear Sir,

I return you my thanks for the kind communication of the French Newspaper which contained the complimentary remarks on the sketches from Dante now publishing in Paris by a Lithographic edition - nor am I ungrateful to the writer of that article for the kindness of his intention, altho' as the compliment conveyed by it is exalted and profuse it becomes proportionably alarming to a person not intirely absorbed in vanity who will consequently begin to consider how much of this praise he can honestly appropriate to himself clear of all claims beside - in doing this it must be remembered that whatever merit is jusly allowed to the French Artists by the English, yet the return to our country is sometimes both cold & unwilling - in addition to this there is another consideration not to be overlooked, which is, that the Paragraph

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