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Letter from Henry Hopley White to William Brockedon, dated 25 January 1832, agreeing to be drawn for the album of portraits which Brockedon is compiling for his son.


sympathies are also to impart a sentiment to Phillip's Book, perhaps, among all your friends who may be registered there, there will not be one with whose early aquaintance, more than mine, you can associate the occasion of some of the brightest years of your life. I shall not, therefore, deny myself the pleasure, on any early day you may name and at your own convenience, of giving you an opportunity of filling up a blank in your book, with a memento, from which association may lead you to retrace some of the fairest pages of your life's past history.
Forgive my adverting to such a theme, but it may account to dear Phil at some future period how it happened that among its superiors in genius is to be discovered the face of your sincere Friend

Henry Hopley White

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