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Letter from Sir John Everett Millais, 1st Bt. to G.F. Watts, dated 8 February 1896, concerning the death of Frederic, Lord Leighton, and the Presidency of the Royal Academy.

2, Palace Gate,
8 Feby 96

Dear Watts
I know what the loss of our President must be to you, & can well understand you can hardly return to Kensington with any prospect of enjoying your residence there. To us all the blow has been



staggering and to me it will involve irksome work which I have never contemplated & which possibly I am unfitted for.

It seems however probable that I shall have to fill up the gap for the present , until the Academy settles



and is more prepared to single out some younger man to represent it.

Thank you for your encouraging letter, I shall need the forebearance, and sympathy of all my brother members in following such a predecessor.

Kind regards to yr wife. Ever yrs
John E Millais


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