NPG 891 (1b)

Letter from Sir Thomas Lawrence to Mrs Croft, sent from Vienna and dated 10 January 1819, speaking of the mission with which he had been honoured by the Prince Regent and describing his 'Painting Room' in the palace.


I mean Lord S(tewart) who I know meditates the pleasure of a visit to you; & who will tell you (tho' in too flattering colours) the favourable Progress I have made. He will not tell you of that high-minded Friendship that has so consistently supported me in all my efforts, & made the situation in which I am placed enviable indeed but for the absence of Those so greatly dear to me; & which I now feel the more sensibly, since his own departure; for his affection has in it so much of their Spirit, as almost to identify it with theirs.

My Brother, as well as an inestimable Friend has informed me of your kind attention to my welfare, in seconding & superintending the necessary Repairs in my House I was aware that it demanded them, but not of the extent of delapidation. The cost of them, I shall most gladly advance, having the fullest confidence in every measure that has had your sanction.
So you are really & absolutely glad that I go to Rome. To Rome. to the Antipodes! for so at one time it seemed. Dream of another world! - it will keep me from England, dear Hart Street, & dear Charing, till April next; but at that time & most certainly (illegible)

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