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Handwritten copy (probably by John Murray) of a letter, sent from Switzerland and dated 20 Ju(ne?) 1816, from John Polidori to his family, giving an account of his travels between Brussels and Lake Geneva.


Letter from J.W. Polidori to his family

My dear Father Mother sisters Brothers & all generations relations etc.
It is now some time since I wrote my last letter being I think from Brussels. I am at present fixed probably for 3 or 4 months on the Genevan Lake in the country house of a descendeant of Diodati the Italian biblical critic. Since my last I received fannys. I have cantred over the plain of Waterloo rowed on the rhine crossed the Jura sailed on the Genevan Lake & trod upon the ruins of Aventicum. from Brussels so that you may trace me upon the map I went to waterloo & back again to Louvain St. Trond Liège Aix la Chapelle Juliers met the Rhine at Cologne, Bonn Collentz, St Goar, Bingen, Mentz, Worms Manheim Bruchsal Carls Rastadt Bade Fribourg Bale Soleure Berne Morat Avenches Payerne Mondon Lausanne & le long du lac a Sicheron hors des portes de Geneve. If you look in the map on the East side of the lake close to Geneva you will see Cologny we are near it. our direction is Campagne Diodati près de Geneve. I have been a little in society here & have seen these Republicans not very (illegible) ideas arise at the sight of these petty republicans without strength spirit or a single item of all the catalogue of republican virtues. As we entered but yesterday I have a great deal to so that I cannot be very long in my notices. What are the rows in England London they say had trains of powder lain to burn if etc etc. let me know something of the truth for contrary to the usual laws of distance & sight hearsay increases objects. Got someting for all of the conquered, dress at Waterloo for myself a cuirass, helm & sabre of the mighty cuirassiers & some gold & silver lace from my mother & sisters. Bought a watch for 8 & 20 napoleons of which L.B. present me 15 for it. Got a gold chain & 2 seals as a fee from an Englishman here for having his child inoculated & was offered another of money from another upon my writing a prescription. Tell fanny that if she can get at my book of medical Mss. which is brown...(torn)...boarded with a piece of calf at the back she will find in pencil in the inside of one of the backs a list of the books there should be in the box. (illegible)
Remembering me to Mr Deagostini & Mr Deachida as well as Mr & Mrs Ivani

Kindly believe me I am
all of yours affectionate
John Polidori

Charlotte I will write to Fanny write to me every fortnight for I wish it, but on thinner paper she can get it at the stationers foreign letter paper closer writing & wafer instead of seal. What are Bot & Henry doing and Eliza. Who is Miss (illegible).

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