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Letter from Hayter (in Paris) to Bowyer (in London), dated 2 April 1830, begging to see proofs of the engraving of the portrait.


Rue de la Ville L'Evêque 42 Paris
April 2 1830

My dear Sir
It is a long while since I have had the pleasure to hear from you, and yet I hope after what has passed between us, that if I could be of any service to you, you would not be ceremonious in proposing to me the means by which I might be useful. - I long very much to know the state of the plates of "Trial of the Queen", I long to see an etching proof. I long to read your opinion of its progress, and to have the gratification, as we are so near, of assisting its progress, if it lies in my power!
In one of my letters last year, I proposed the certainty of the sale of many impressions of the Russell Trial if it could be obtained here, but you answered, that which you thought agreed best with your arrangements - many however have been the enquiries for it, and if you

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