NPG P125 (1a)

Letter from George Frederic Watts to Julia Margaret Cameron, 21 June 1865, giving an assessment of her recent photographs.


*called the Shunamite woman & her dead son

June 21. 1865
10. in the morning

'G.F. Watts upon my photography' (annotation by J.M. Cameron)

My dear Mrs Cameron,

I have received with your letter two beautiful photos more like old pictures than ever. I don't know that they are your very best but they are certainly amongst the most artistic. Some parts of the child with half a head* are wonderful more like Phidias & more anti preRaphaelite than anything I have seen. I do not know any thing whatever of the prints you allude to in your letter. They have never come to hand. I hope you are all well at Freshwater & am sorry indeed to hear a bad account of H.T. you must forgive my writing only a scrap, I have not like you a pocket full of word money, mine has to be dug with labour out of the mine in the rough metal & shaped with disheartening toil before it can be made to represent the current coin. & as I work now from half past 6 in the morning till half past 6 in the evening I have no time or energy for such digging & hammering but none the less I hope you will believe me to be yours most sincerely and with the greatest interest in your work.


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