NPG P215 (2a/2b)

Letter from G.F. Watts to J.M. Cameron, undated, acknowledging receipt of her photographs.


Little Holland House

My Dear Mrs Cameron,
I have only time to aknowledge the receipt of your photographs and to say that I think them magnificent! all, but the (illegible), looking out of drawing, the profiles do justice to the noble and beautiful head, the finest you will ever have before your lens, the smallest is grand indeed, your productions have been extraordinarily admired by all to whom I have shown them. I am glad you did not think my criticism upon Enoch Arden impertinent, I have since become




aquainted with (illegible) field & think it full of the greatest (illegible) beauties, a great man!
I have not seen the lines you speak of by H. T. but no man can do those things in such style

Yours ever (illegible)

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