Georgian and Regency portraits

A selection of portraits from 1714 to 1837, many of which are on display at the Gallery or at Beningbrough Hall, our regional partner in Yorkshire. Portraits below are listed in chronological order.

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Queen Anne
by Michael Dahl
circa 1702
NPG 6187

John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough
by Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
circa 1706
NPG 902

Sir Christopher Wren
by Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
NPG 113

'The Music Party'
by Philip Mercier
NPG 1556

Alexander Pope
by Jonathan Richardson
circa 1737
NPG 1179

Prince Charles Edward Stuart
by Louis Gabriel Blanchet
NPG 5517

Sir Joshua Reynolds
by Sir Joshua Reynolds
circa 1747-1749
NPG 41

Flora Macdonald
by Richard Wilson
NPG 5848

Samuel Johnson
by Sir Joshua Reynolds
NPG 1597

George Frideric Handel
by Thomas Hudson
NPG 3970

William Hogarth
by William Hogarth
NPG 289

Peg Woffington
by Unknown artist
circa 1758
NPG 650

King George III
studio of Allan Ramsay
NPG 223

Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
studio of Allan Ramsay
NPG 224

Kitty Fisher
by Nathaniel Hone
NPG 2354

Karl Friedrich Abel
by Thomas Gainsborough
circa 1765
NPG 5947

Warren Hastings
by Sir Joshua Reynolds
NPG 4445

Angelica Kauffmann
by Angelica Kauffmann
circa 1770-1775
NPG 430

Mary Moser
by George Romney
circa 1770-1771
NPG 6641

Richard Cumberland
by George Romney
circa 1776
NPG 19

Sir Joseph Banks, Bt
by Sir Joshua Reynolds
NPG 5868

James Cook
by John Webber
November 1776
NPG 26

William (Thomas) Beckford
by Sir Joshua Reynolds
NPG 5340

Mary Wilkes; John Wilkes
by Johan Joseph Zoffany
exhibited 1782
NPG 6133

Frances d'Arblay ('Fanny Burney')
by Edward Francisco Burney
circa 1784-1785
NPG 2634

Emma (née Lyon), Lady Hamilton
by George Romney
circa 1785
NPG 294

The Fourdrinier Family
attributed to John Downman
circa 1786
NPG 6091

Robert Burns
by Alexander Nasmyth
circa 1821-1822 (1787)
NPG 46

Anna Maria Jenkins; Thomas Jenkins
by Angelica Kauffmann
NPG 5044

Thomas Paine
by Laurent Dabos
circa 1791
NPG 6805

Horatio Nelson
by Guy Head
NPG 5101

John Constable
by Ramsay Richard Reinagle
circa 1799
NPG 1786

Thomas Hope
by Sir William Beechey
NPG 4574

King George III
studio of Sir William Beechey
circa 1800 (1799-1800)
NPG 6250

King William IV
by Sir Martin Archer Shee
circa 1800
NPG 2199

William Blake
by Thomas Phillips
NPG 212

Jane Austen
by Cassandra Austen
circa 1810
NPG 3630

George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron
replica by Thomas Phillips
circa 1835 (1813)
NPG 142

King George IV
by Sir Thomas Lawrence
circa 1814
NPG 123

King George IV
after Sir Thomas Lawrence
NPG 2503

Percy Bysshe Shelley
by Amelia Curran
NPG 1234

John Clare
by William Hilton
NPG 1469

The Trial of Queen Caroline 1820
by Sir George Hayter
NPG 999

John Keats
by Joseph Severn
NPG 58

Sir Walter Scott, 1st Bt
by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer
circa 1824
NPG 391

William Wilberforce
by Sir Thomas Lawrence

The House of Commons, 1833
by Sir George Hayter
NPG 54

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
by Richard Rothwell
exhibited 1840
NPG 1235

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