Oil paint consists of pigment mixed with an oil medium, usually linseed, and can be diluted with spirits. Because of its versatility, flexibility and rich and dense colour, oil has become the most popular painting medium for important works since the sixteenth century. It dries slowly, rather than sets, and can be painted over to create a great variety of effects from enamel smoothness to violent impasto. Both minute detail and subtle blending of tones can be achieved in a way no other painting technique can rival, the closest being acrylic.

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Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
after William Scrots
circa 1570-1580s (1546)
NPG 4952

William Shakespeare
associated with John Taylor
circa 1600-1610

Thomas Howard, 14th Earl of Arundel
by Sir Peter Paul Rubens
NPG 2391

George Romney
by George Romney
NPG 959

Edwin Landseer
by John Ballantyne
circa 1865
NPG 835

Queen Alexandra
after Sir (Samuel) Luke Fildes
1920 (1894)
NPG 1889

Coventry Kersey Deighton Patmore
by John Singer Sargent
NPG 1079

Harold Wilson
by Ruskin Spear
exhibited 1974
NPG 5047

Mo Mowlam
by John Keane
NPG 6468

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