Cibachrome print

A high quality colour print made from a colour transparency enlarged directly onto reversal colour paper. The paper is unique in that dyes are incorporated into the emulsion on the paper instead of being formed chemically. This gives exceptional colour image brilliance. The paper is exposed to a transparency and the colours are recorded by complementary layers in the paper. A dye destruction print made in this way is more permanent than a chromogenic print.

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Queen Elizabeth II, by Yousuf Karsh, 1943 - NPG  - © Karsh / Camera Press

Queen Elizabeth II
by Yousuf Karsh
NPG P335

Millie (Millicent Small), by David Wedgbury, 1969 - NPG  - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Millie (Millicent Small)
by David Wedgbury
NPG x76439

Sir (Bertram) Clough Williams-Ellis, by John Hedgecoe, 1969 - NPG  - © John Hedgecoe / Topfoto

Sir (Bertram) Clough Williams-Ellis
by John Hedgecoe
NPG P780

Nigel Mansell, by Terry O

Nigel Mansell
by Terry O'Neill
mid 1980s
NPG x87441

David Edward Jenkins, by Alistair Morrison, 1985 - NPG  - © Alistair Morrison

David Edward Jenkins
by Alistair Morrison
NPG P355

Cleveland Watkiss, by Chris Garnham, February 1989 - NPG  - © estate of Chris Garnham / National Portrait Gallery, London

Cleveland Watkiss
by Chris Garnham
February 1989
NPG x38129

Brian David Josephson, by Liam Woon, 1990 - NPG  - © Liam Woon / National Portrait Gallery, London

Brian David Josephson
by Liam Woon
NPG P443

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