A type of glue which comes from many types of tree and plant. It is a by-product of oil; a treacle-like substance that solidifies with the addition of a hardener and an accelerator. Resin is insoluble in water and in art it is used as an ingredient in varnishes. Today, it is one of the new materials used in sculpture, along with silicone rubbers and glass fibres. Resins allow for cold casting, whereas traditional casting methods need heat. In the past soft resins from living trees have been used as well as hard fossil resins such as amber. Clear resin can have objects embedded in it and can be painted.

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Sir Malcolm Campbell, by H.A. Stermann, circa 1935 - NPG  - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Sir Malcolm Campbell
by H.A. Stermann
circa 1935
NPG 4195

Melanie Klein, by Eileen Klein, circa 1968 - NPG  - © Eileen Klein / National Portrait Gallery, London

Melanie Klein
by Eileen Klein
circa 1968
NPG 6484

Sir (Bertram) Clough Williams-Ellis, by Hans Feibusch, 1976 - NPG  - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Sir (Bertram) Clough Williams-Ellis
by Hans Feibusch
NPG 5967

Lynn Seymour, by Andrew Logan, 1987-1993 - NPG  - Photograph © National Portrait Gallery, London

Lynn Seymour
by Andrew Logan
NPG 6222

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