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William Shakespeare In Character
To mark the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare we have brought together over 400 portraits of actors playing Shakespearean roles.

Crowns and tiaras

AccessoryPortraits showing sitters wearing crowns, tiaras and garlands.

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Eyeglasses and spectacles

AccessoryPortraits showing sitters wearing or using spectacles, monocles, magnifying glasses and other implements to aid vision.

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AccessoryPortraits showing sitters with different types of fans, including folding hand-held, feather and mechanical fans.

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AccessoryPortraits showing sitters wearing different types of gloves, including evening, white, medical, winter and boxing gloves.

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Hats and head attire

AccessoryPortraits depicting different styles of hats including turbans, bonnets, sunhats, helmets, military hats, top hats and bowler hats.

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AccessoryPortraits showing original, signature and exquisite jewellery designs.

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Masks and disguises

NPG x101195 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonPortraits depicting masks or disguises including sitters masking their faces with hands, veils and extensive make up. 

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Umbrellas and parasols

NPG P1348 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonPortraits depicting different styles of umbrellas and parasols in open and closed states. 

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