Crowns and tiaras

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King Richard II
by Unknown artist
16th century
NPG 565

King Edward III
by Unknown artist
NPG 4980(7)

Queen Elizabeth I
by Unknown English artist
circa 1600
NPG 5175

Queen Anne
studio of John Closterman
circa 1702, based on a work of circa 1702
NPG 215

King George I
studio of Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
1714-1725, based on a work of 1714
NPG 544

King George II
studio of Charles Jervas
circa 1727
NPG 368

Queen Victoria
reduced copy by W. Warman, after Thomas Sully
1838-1870, based on a work of 1838
NPG 1891a

Queen Mary
by Alice Hughes
NPG P423

Queen Elizabeth II
by Yousuf Karsh
NPG P336

Danny La Rue
by Angus McBean
NPG P899

Diana, Princess of Wales
by Terence Daniel Donovan
NPG P716(13)

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