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Queen Elizabeth I
by Unknown continental artist
circa 1575
NPG 2082

Queen Elizabeth I ('The Ditchley portrait')
by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger
circa 1592
NPG 2561

Queen Elizabeth I
by Unknown artist
NPG 2471

Henrietta Maria
by Unknown artist, background by Hendrik van Steenwyck
circa 1635
NPG 1247

Mrs Lascelles
by George Townshend, 4th Viscount and 1st Marquess Townshend
NPG 4855(14)

Caroline Amelia Elizabeth of Brunswick
by Sir George Hayter
circa 1820
NPG 4940

Duchess of Cannizzaro
by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer
circa 1830
NPG 3097(5)

Sarah Forbes Bonetta (Sarah Davies)
by Camille Silvy
15 September 1862
NPG Ax61384

Lillie Langtry
by Henry Van der Weyde
April 1885
NPG P863

Adelina Patti
by James Sant
exhibited 1886
NPG 3625

Madge Kendal
by London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company
NPG Ax18151

Pauline Chase
by Bassano Ltd
4 June 1908
NPG x101172

Martin Richard Fletcher Butlin
by Lucy Anne Dickens
March 2001
NPG P948(6)

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