Browse through the selected illustrative self-portraits below, or explore three special features relating to self-portraits.

Drawing self-portraits


Self-portraits from the 17th to 21st Centuries


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Mary Beale
by Mary Beale
circa 1666
NPG 1687

Michael Dahl
by Michael Dahl
NPG 3822

Sir Joshua Reynolds
by Sir Joshua Reynolds
circa 1747-1749
NPG 41

John Constable
by John Constable
circa 1799-1804
NPG 901

Sir Thomas Lawrence
by Richard Evans, after Sir Thomas Lawrence
(circa 1825)
NPG 260

Dante Gabriel Rossetti
by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
NPG 857

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
by Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
NPG 4814

Jacob Epstein
by Sir Jacob Epstein
1959, based on a work of 1912
NPG 4126

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi
by Sir Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi
NPG 6020

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