Browse through the selected illustrative self-portraits below, or explore three special features relating to self-portraits.

Drawing self-portraits


Self-portraits from the 17th to 21st Centuries


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Isaac Oliver
by Isaac Oliver
circa 1590
NPG 4852

Sir Nathaniel Bacon
by Sir Nathaniel Bacon
circa 1625
NPG 2142

Mary Beale
by Mary Beale
circa 1666
NPG 1687

Michael Dahl
by Michael Dahl
NPG 3822

Sir Joshua Reynolds
by Sir Joshua Reynolds
circa 1747-1749
NPG 41

John Constable
by John Constable
circa 1799-1804
NPG 901

Sir Thomas Lawrence
by Richard Evans, after Sir Thomas Lawrence
(circa 1825)
NPG 260

Dante Gabriel Rossetti
by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
NPG 857

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
by Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
NPG 4814

Jacob Epstein
by Sir Jacob Epstein
1959 (1912)
NPG 4126

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi
by Sir Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi
NPG 6020

Doris Zinkeisen
by Doris Clare Zinkeisen
exhibited 1929
NPG 6487

Madame Yevonde
by Madame Yevonde
NPG P620

Maggi Hambling
by Maggi Hambling
NPG 6562

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