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Profession; Monarchs

King William I ('The Conqueror')

1027 or 1028-1087
Reigned 1066-87
Sitter associated with 21 portraits

King William II ('Rufus')

circa 1056-1100
Reigned 1087-1100
Sitter associated with 18 portraits

King William III

Reigned 1689-1702
Sitter associated with 139 portraits

King William IV

Reigned 1830-37
Sitter associated with 142 portraits

King Alfred ('The Great')

King of the West Saxons
Sitter associated with 15 portraits

King Edmund I

920 or 921-946
King of England
Sitter in 1 portrait

King Edmund II ('Edmund Ironside')

circa 989-1016
King of England
Sitter in 4 portraits

King Edward

circa 1003-1066
Known as 'The Confessor', reigned 1043-66
Sitter in 13 portraits

Egbert, King of Wessex

769 or 771?-839
King of the West Saxons and first Monarch of all England, reigned 802-39
Sitter in 8 portraits

Ethelwulf, King of the West Saxons

circa 795-858
Reigned 839-56
Sitter in 2 portraits

King Harold I ('Harold Harefoot')

circa 1015-1040
King of England, reigned 1035-40
Sitter in 5 portraits

Sweyn Forkbeard, King of Denmark, Norway and England

circa 960-1014
King of Denmark, Norway and England; father of Cnut the Great
Sitter in 3 portraits

Vajiravudh, King of Siam

King of Siam
Sitter in 1 portrait