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Aesthetic Movement

From the 1860s to the 1900s a new movement in art took hold of Britain. The Aesthetic movement would embody the quest to bring beauty, and not subject, to the forefront in works of art, and into people's everyday lives. From 1877, the leading artists of the movement held their shows at the newly opened Grosvenor Gallery on Bond Street; with its greenery-yallery silk walls, it was perfect for showing off the work of Whistler, Burne-Jones and others. Although started in the studios of painters, the movement would come to encapsulate all forms of creativity including the decorative arts, architecture, design, literature and dance.

William Morris

Poet, craftsman and socialist
Sitter in 67 portraits

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Painter and poet
Sitter in 29 portraits | Artist associated with 22 portraits

George Frederic Watts

Painter and sculptor
Sitter in 43 portraits | Artist associated with 90 portraits

Oscar Wilde

Wit and dramatist
Sitter associated with 15 portraits

Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour

Prime Minister and philosopher
Sitter in 128 portraits

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, 1st Bt

Painter and designer
Sitter in 24 portraits | Artist associated with 1 portrait

Charles Edward Conder

Sitter in 8 portraits | Artist of 2 portraits

Walter Crane

Illustrator, designer, painter and socialist
Sitter in 17 portraits

George Nathaniel Curzon, Marquess Curzon of Kedleston

Politician, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, traveller and Viceroy of India
Sitter associated with 29 portraits

Harry Cust

Politician and journalist
Sitter in 6 portraits

Emmeline Mary Elizabeth ('Nina') Cust (née Welby-Gregory)

Sculptor, wife of Harry Cust
Sitter in 3 portraits

William Henry Grenfell, Baron Desborough

Sportsman and politician; MP for Salisbury and Wycombe
Sitter in 18 portraits

Ethel Anne Priscilla ('Ettie') Grenfell (née Fane), Lady Desborough

Wife of Baron Desborough; daughter of Hon. Julian Henry Charles Fane
Sitter in 15 portraits

Christopher Dresser

Designer and botanist
Sitter in 1 portrait

William Etty

Sitter in 14 portraits | Artist associated with 4 portraits

(Pierre Jules) Théophile Gautier

Poet, dramatist, novelist, journalist and literary critic
Sitter in 3 portraits

Frances Jane Horner (née Graham), Lady Horner

1854 or 1855-1940
Hostess and patron of the arts
Sitter in 5 portraits

Frederic Leighton, Baron Leighton

Painter; President of the Royal Academy
Sitter in 56 portraits | Artist associated with 7 portraits

Alfred Lyttelton

Politician and amateur tennis champion and cricketer
Sitter in 13 portraits