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Following the French Revolution of 1789, artists disillusioned with the classical restraint of the Enlightenment began exploring a new emotionalism, challenging the notions and genres of Neoclassicism. The movement gained momentum across Europe in the early decades of the 19th century and flourished between 1780 - 1830. Landscape and history painters as well as architects like Robert Adam, celebrated subjectivity and placed the senses over reason. Landscape painting and the exploration of man's relationship to nature became defining themes of the new Romantic sensibility. Confronted with mass industrialization and rapidly growing cities, Joseph Mallord William Turner explored the powerful and unpredictable forces of nature. John Constable painted his native landscapes on huge canvases, recording his personal responses to nature. The imagination and unconscious were paramount and portrait painting provided opportunities for artists to delve into human psychology to express emotional states and individuality.

Robert Adam

Sitter in 2 portraits

Joseph Mallord William Turner

Landscape painter
Sitter associated with 42 portraits | Artist associated with 4 portraits

Joseph Wright

Painter, known as 'Wright of Derby'
Sitter associated with 7 portraits | Artist associated with 19 portraits

John Duncan Fergusson

Sitter in 3 portraits | Artist of 1 portrait

Henry Fuseli

Sitter in 11 portraits | Artist associated with 3 portraits

John Martin

History, landscape and biblical painter
Sitter in 4 portraits

John Hamilton Mortimer

History painter
Sitter in 6 portraits | Artist associated with 11 portraits

John Varley

Landscape painter
Sitter in 2 portraits

Henry Wallis

Artist associated with 2 portraits