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The Souls

The Souls, or 'The Gang' as they chose to call themselves, before the name 'Souls' was coined in 1888 by Lord Charles Beresford, was originally made up of the aristocratic families the Balfours, Lyttletons, Tennents and Wyndhams. These were later joined by the Charteris and Manners families and their society connections. Joined by friendships, marriages, affairs and politics, the group grew organically as relationships and affiliations changed and developed. Led by Arthur Balfour ('King Arthur'), the set rejected being grouped with other social cliques of the time such as The Marlborough House crowd, preferring rounds of golf and literary discussions to bridge and hunting, and opening membership up beyond aristocratic circles. Despite political feuds and broken friendships, the group lived on into the next generation, strengthened by intermarriage and the devastation of WW1, Their children would name themselves the 'Corrupt Coterie'.

Charles Robert Whorwood Adeane

Justice of the Peace and Lord-Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire
Sitter in 4 portraits

Madeline Pamela Constance Blanche Adeane (née Wyndham)

Daughter of Hon. Percy Scawen Wyndham; wife of Charles Adeane
Sitter in 6 portraits

Lady Cynthia Mary Evelyn Asquith (née Charteris)

Author and Private Secretary to JM Barrie; wife of Herbert Asquith; daughter of 11th Earl of Wemyss and March
Sitter in 8 portraits

Raymond Asquith

Scholar and army officer; son of Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith
Sitter in 2 portraits

Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour

Prime Minister and philosopher
Sitter in 129 portraits

Gerald William Balfour, 2nd Earl of Balfour

Politician and psychical researcher
Sitter in 8 portraits

Jeanette ('Jennie') Churchill (née Jerome), Lady Randolph Churchill

Society hostess and writer
Sitter in 24 portraits

George Nathaniel Curzon, Marquess Curzon of Kedleston

Politician, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, traveller and Viceroy of India
Sitter associated with 29 portraits

Mary Victoria (née Leiter), Lady Curzon of Kedleston

Vicereine of India; first wife of Lord Curzon of Kedleston (later 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston)
Sitter in 10 portraits

Harry Cust

Politician and journalist
Sitter in 6 portraits

Emmeline Mary Elizabeth ('Nina') Cust (née Welby-Gregory)

Sculptor, wife of Harry Cust
Sitter in 3 portraits

William Henry Grenfell, Baron Desborough

Sportsman and politician; MP for Salisbury and Wycombe
Sitter in 18 portraits

Ethel Anne Priscilla ('Ettie') Grenfell (née Fane), Lady Desborough

Wife of Baron Desborough; daughter of Hon. Julian Henry Charles Fane
Sitter in 15 portraits

Hugo Francis, Lord Elcho

Sitter in 7 portraits

Frances Jane Horner (née Graham), Lady Horner

1854 or 1855-1940
Hostess and patron of the arts
Sitter in 5 portraits

Sir John Francis Fortescue Horner

Barrister; husband of Lady Horner
Sitter in 1 portrait

Sir Edwin Lutyens

Architect and President of the Royal Academy
Sitter associated with 28 portraits

Alfred Lyttelton

Politician and amateur tennis champion and cricketer
Sitter in 14 portraits

Dame Edith Sophy Lyttelton (née Balfour)

Writer, activist and spiritualist; second wife of Alfred Lyttelton; daughter of Archibald Balfour
Sitter associated with 3 portraits

(William) St John Fremantle Brodrick, 1st Earl of Midleton

Politician; Secretary of State for War and Secretary of State for India
Sitter in 21 portraits