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Great War grouping; The Great War: Medical Services

Women would form large parts of the medical relief service, at home, and eventually on the front line, with the Voluntary Aid Detachment and International Red Cross. At home, voluntary ambulance drivers would transport the wounded from the bombing raids to safety and medical care. In the trenches cases of infection, gangrene or trenchfoot were high and caused major problems for the soldiers, already trying to survive in the quagmire that engulfed them.

Margaret (née Lygon), Lady Ampthill

Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Mary; wife of 2nd Baron Ampthill; daughter of 6th Earl Beauchamp
Sitter in 9 portraits

Grace Lowrey (née Woodruff), Lady Ashfield

Wife of 1st Baron Ashfield; daughter of Edward Lowrey Woodruff
Sitter in 9 portraits

Enid Algerine Bagnold ('Lady Jones')

Novelist and playwright; wife of Sir Roderick Jones; daughter of Arthur Bagnold
Sitter in 10 portraits | Artist of 1 portrait

Constance Barbara (née Clarke), Lady Baird (later Lady Kennedy)

Volunteer nurse and yachtswoman; former wife of Sir John Baird, and later wife of Lord Charles Kennedy (later 5th Marquess of Ailsa)
Sitter in 6 portraits

Sir William Henry Bennett

Sitter in 5 portraits

Charles Bolton

died 1947
Sitter in 4 portraits

Mary Borden (Lady Spears)

Author; wife of Sir Edward Spears, 1st Bt
Sitter in 10 portraits | Artist of 1 portrait

Sir (Alexander) Frederick Bradshaw

Physician; Surgeon-General
Sitter in 3 portraits

Vera Brittain

Writer, pacifist and feminist
Sitter in 25 portraits

Sir Edgar Theophilus Britten

Captain of the Cunard White Star Liner Queen Mary
Sitter in 13 portraits

Lennox Ross Broster

Consulting surgeon, Charing Cross Hospital, London
Sitter in 1 portrait

Claude Cahun

Voluntary aid worker; wife of Sir Vincent Henry Penalver Caillard; daughter of John Hanham
Sitter in 3 portraits

Louisa Mary Calverley (née Henniker)

died 1946
President of Royal Agricultural Association; wife of Horace Calverley; daughter of Sir Bridges Henniker
Sitter in 1 portrait

Sir James Cantlie

Consulting surgeon
Sitter in 6 portraits

Edith Cavell

Sitter in 5 portraits

Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood

Statesman; a creator of the League of Nations
Sitter in 28 portraits

Mairi Chisholm

Motorcycle ambulance driver, nurse and photographer
Sitter in 5 portraits

Agatha Christie

Writer; former wife of Archibald Christie,and later wife of Sir Max Mallowan
Sitter in 26 portraits

Charlotte Leonora (née Crampton), Lady Cooper

Leading member of the Red Cross; wife of Sir Edward Ernest Cooper; daughter of Thomas Crampton
Sitter in 4 portraits

Frances Joan (née Dickinson), Viscountess Davidson

Politician; wife of 1st Viscount Davidson; daughter of 1st Baron Dickinson
Sitter in 7 portraits