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William Booth (1829-1912), Founder of the Salvation Army

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Booth was apprenticed at thirteen to a Nottingham pawnbroker. Having converted to Methodism, he joined a group of revivalists who conducted religious services in the streets of the city. In 1849 he moved to London where he became a pawnbroker's assistant. He devoted his leisure to religion and became a lay preacher. In 1865 he and his wife started the Christian Revival Society, later the Christian Mission, in the East End of London. They held evening and Sunday meetings to offer repentance, salvation and Christian ethics to the poorest and most needy. In 1878 the organisation was reorganised as the Salvation Army, with military titles and uniforms and its own flag and music.

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William Booth

by Herbert F. Joyce
platinum print, August 1906
NPG x1538


William Booth in his robes as D.C.L. of Oxford

published by The Philco Publishing Co
bromide postcard print, 1906
NPG x197595


William Booth

published by Rotary Photographic Co Ltd
postcard print, circa 1907
NPG x136275


William Booth

published by Andrew & George Taylor
bromide postcard print, circa 1907
NPG x138004


William Booth

published by Rotary Photographic Co Ltd
bromide postcard print, circa 1907
NPG x197597


William Booth; Evangeline Cory Booth

published by Rotary Photographic Co Ltd
bromide postcard print, circa 1908
NPG x197600


'City Honours Late General Booth'

by Ernest Brooks, for Central News Ltd
vintage print, 29 August 1912
NPG x137203


William Booth

after Ernest Herbert ('E.H.') Mills
NPG x9213


William Booth

by Unknown artist
lithograph, late 19th-early 20th century
NPG D31991


William Booth ('The End of a World Tour: General Booth arrives inside the Albert hall in his motor-car')

published by Black & White, after Charles M. Sheldon
relief halftone, published 16 September 1905
NPG D43013


William Booth

by Alexander ('Alick') Penrose Forbes Ritchie
lithograph, published 21 June 1905
NPG D9642


Oxford's Honour to General Booth: The New D.C.L. and his world-wide army (William Booth; (William) Bramwell Booth)

published by Illustrated London News
relief halftone printed in blue ink, published 29 June 1907
NPG D43014


William Booth

by George Sidney Hunt, after Sir Hubert von Herkomer
mezzotint, 1924
NPG D31992


William Booth

by Elliott & Fry
half-plate negative, 1884
NPG x82272


William Booth ('Men of the Day. No. 267.')

by Sir Leslie Ward
chromolithograph, published in Vanity Fair 25 November 1882
NPG D44095