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Louis Botha (1862-1919), General and South African statesman

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Born in the area of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa and a farmer in the Orange Free State; in 1884 Botha served on a commando to restore Dinizulu as Zulu King; he won election to the parliament in 1896; Botha took over command of the Boer forces during the Boer War and eventually became commandant-general; following a treaty that ended the war Botha sought to reconcile British and Boer in a new united nation; became leader of the new party Het Volk ('the nation'), which gained victory in the general election of 1907, making Botha prime minister of the Transvaal; when South Africa obtained dominion status in 1910, Botha became the first prime minister of this new united country and held the office until his death.