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Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556), Archbishop of Canterbury

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Appointed Archbishop of Canterbury in 1533 following the death of William Warham, Cranmer carried through Henry VIII's divorce from Katherine of Aragon. In the reign of Edward VI, he was responsible for the first book of Common Prayer published in 1549. As a committed Protestant he was deprived of office under Mary I and imprisoned. Cranmer eventually acknowledged Papal supremacy and the truth of Roman Catholic doctrines except for transubstantiation, but he recanted just before his execution.

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Thomas Cranmer

after Unknown artist
stipple engraving, published 1825
NPG D24944


Thomas Cranmer

by Henry Bryan Hall, after James Warren Childe, after Unknown artist
stipple engraving printed in colours, published 1839
NPG D34236


Thomas Cranmer

by Henry Bryan Hall, published by C. Birch, after James Warren Childe
stipple engraving, published May 1839
NPG D34327


Lady Jane Dudley (née Grey) ('Lady Jane Grey's reluctance to accept the Crown')

by Herbert Bourne, after Charles Robert Leslie
engraving, published 1886
NPG D36325


'The Bishops who suffer'd Martyrdom for the Protestant Faith; under the Persecution of Queen Mary I'

by and sold by Robert White, printed and sold by John King
line engraving, published circa 1700
NPG D34237


Thomas Cranmer

by Richard Houston, published by Henry Parker, published by Elizabeth Bakewell, after Gerlach Flicke
mezzotint, 1759
NPG D20274