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King Edward VII (1841-1910), Reigned 1901-10

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Edward was the eldest son of Queen Victoria but she favoured his brother Prince Arthur. As a child he struggled with education and, in a bid to present Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, as the leading male royal figure, Edward was excluded from most public duties. After the death of Albert he was allowed to perform ceremonial duties but was still kept out of the running of the country. While Prince of Wales, he devoted much of his time to sports and entertainment and was a central figure of the glamorous Marlborough House set. His popularity increased during his reign when Britain experienced expansion and prosperity.

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King Edward VII

by Thomas Heinrick Voigt
bromide print, 1896
NPG x35074


King Edward VII; Victoria Eugenie ('Ena'), Queen of Spain; Maud, Queen of Norway; Queen Alexandra

by Gunn & Stuart
halftone reproduction tear sheet, published 8 August 1896
NPG x193302


King Edward VII

by Lafayette (Lafayette Ltd)
photogravure, 1897
NPG Ax41004


Kaiser Wilhelm II; King George V; King Edward VII

by Mrs Albert Broom (Christina Livingston)
glass negative, 1900-1910
NPG x169


King Edward VII with his racehorse 'Persimmon'

by Lascelles
halftone reproduction tear sheet, published 30 May 1900
NPG x137348


King Edward VII

by Gunn & Stuart
halftone reproduction tear sheet, published 26 January 1901
NPG x136698


King Edward VII

by Swaine, after William Edward Downey, for W. & D. Downey
halftone reproduction tear sheet, 14 February 1901; published 18 May 1901
NPG x136700


King Edward VII

by John Lemmon Russell
halftone reproduction tear sheet, published 2 February 1901
NPG x137493


Queen Victoria's Funeral Cortege

copy by Elliott & Fry, after James Russell & Sons
whole-plate glass negative, 4 February 1901
NPG x182186


'The King in his Motor' (John Walter Edward Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 2nd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu; King Edward VII)

by Unknown photographer, published by Ogden's
halftone cigarette card, published circa 1901
NPG x197236


King Edward VII and others

by James Russell & Sons
dry-plate glass negative, 23 November 1904
NPG x8461


Queen Alexandra; King Edward VII

by Baron Adolph de Meyer
halftone reproduction tear sheet, published 11 July 1908
NPG x136701


Group including King Edward VII

by William Booty
bromide print, 26 May 1909
NPG x45955


King Edward VII

by Vandyk
glass negative, circa 1910
NPG x32192


'Four Generations'

published by Rotary Photographic Co Ltd, after James Charles Dinham, and Lafayette (Lafayette Ltd), and Langfier Ltd, and William Slade Stuart, and Unknown photographer
vintage postcard print, published 1910s
NPG x138856


King Edward VII

by Unknown photographer
albumen print
NPG Ax26214