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Elizabeth of York (1466-1503), Queen of Henry VII

Sitter associated with 23 portraits
The daughter of Edward IV, Elizabeth married Henry VII in 1486, thus uniting the Houses of York and Lancaster. She bore him seven children, four of whom survived infancy: Prince Arthur (1486-1502), Henry VIII (1491-1547), Margaret, Queen of Scotland (1489-1541), and Mary, Queen of France and subsequently Duchess of Suffolk (1496?-1533).

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Elizabeth of York

by Thomas Anthony Dean, published by Harding & Lepard
stipple engraving, published 1828
NPG D23860


Elizabeth of York

by William Derby, after Unknown artist
pencil, pen and ink, circa 1839-1842
NPG D23062b


King Henry VIII; King Henry VII; Elizabeth of York; Jane Seymour

by George Vertue, after Remigius van Leemput, after Hans Holbein the Younger
line engraving, 1737
NPG D32813