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King George V (1865-1936), Reigned 1910-36

Sitter in 401 portraits
As the second son of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, George V had not expected to become king. He had enjoyed a long and successful career in the Navy before his accession in 1910. His conscientious and unpretentious approach to his duties as king provided stability during an unsettled period, which included the First World War and the Great Depression. He was the first monarch to use the medium of radio to speak to the nation.

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'Souvenir of the Royal Wedding, July 6th 1893'

by Unknown photographer
halftone reproduction, 1893
NPG P1700(1c)


King George V; Queen Mary

by W. & D. Downey
albumen print, 6 July 1893
NPG P1700(2a)


'Wedding group'

by Lafayette (Lafayette Ltd)
albumen print, 6 July 1893
NPG P1700(2c)


Encaenia at the University of Oxford

by Unknown photographer
printing-out paper print, 21 June 1899
NPG P1700(43)


King George V

by Unknown photographer
albumen print, circa 1901
NPG P1700(57c)


Royal Group including King George V and four of his children

by Lafayette (Lafayette Ltd)
glossy purple brown-toned bromide print on green mount, 9 November 1902
NPG P500


King George V

by Sir Henry Maximilian ('Max') Beerbohm
pencil and watercolour, 1911
NPG 6308


The Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, 1913

by Sir John Lavery
oil on canvas, 1913
On display in Room 22 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG 1745


King George V

reduced copy by Lance Calkin
oil on canvas, (circa 1914)
NPG 4604


King George V

by Solomon Joseph Solomon
oil on panel, 1914
NPG 5423


King George V

by Sir Oswald Birley
oil on canvas, circa 1933
On display in Room 31 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG 4013


King George V

by Felix Weiss
bronze bust, 1935
NPG 2796


King George V

by Frederic Whiting
oil on canvas, exhibited 1936
NPG 5094


Queen Alexandra; King George V

by Hills & Saunders
hand-coloured albumen carte-de-visite, July 1865
NPG Ax46743


King George V; Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale

by United Association of Photography Limited
wothlytype carte-de-visite, 1866
NPG Ax24187