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John Hanmer, 1st Baron Hanmer (1809-1881), Poet and Conservative politician; MP for Shrewsbury, Kingston-upon-Hull and Flint Boroughs

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John Hanmer was elected as an MP in 1832, and he remained in Parliament for forty years. He supported free trade and religious liberty and voted for repeal of the Corn Laws. In 1836, Hanmer privately printed Poems on Various Subjects and in 1839 published Fra Cipolla and other Poems. The title-poem is a translation of the tale of 'Friar Onion', from the Decameron, and the story of the 'Friar and the Ass' is founded on an old Italian novel. He subsequently published two further volumes, Sonnets (1840) and Notes and Papers to Serve for a Memorial of the Parish of Hanmer (1872). He was created Baron Hanmer in 1872.