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Sir Henry Kellett (1806-1875), Vice-Admiral

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Kellett joined the Navy in 1822. He spent five years in the West Indies and then served on survey vessels under William Fitzwilliam Owen in Africa, and as second in command on HMS Sulphur in the East Indies and in the Opium War with China (1840-1). In 1845, he was appointed Captain of the survey ship HMS Herald, reassigned in 1848 to search for missing Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin. During this voyage, he discovered Herald Island. In 1852, he commanded HMS Resolute and went to the aid of Robert McClure, whose vessel, Investigator, was trapped in the Arctic. Kellett became a rear admiral in 1854, and subsequently had commands in the West Indies and China.

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Sir Henry Kellett

replica by Stephen Pearce
oil on canvas, 1850-1886
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Sir Henry Kellett

by Stephen Pearce
oil on canvas, exhibited 1856
NPG 1222