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Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), Writer and poet

(Joseph) Rudyard Kipling

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Author and poet; born in Bombay; educated in England but returned to India and worked for Civil and Military Gazette in Lahore; his many publications include Plain Tales from the Hills, 1887, The Jungle Book, 1894, and Kim, 1901; unequalled as an observer of the Raj and as a commentator on the duties and obligations of empire. Later in life settled in Sussex, from which he drew the inspiration for Puck of Pook's Hill, 1906, and Rewards and Fairies, 1910, as well as some of his finest late stories; long out of favour because of the imperial themes in his work, he is now recognised as one of the major talents of his time.

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Rudyard Kipling

by Walter Stoneman
whole-plate glass negative, 1924
NPG x74738


Rudyard Kipling

by Elliott & Fry
half-plate glass copy negative, 1924
NPG x81810


Rudyard Kipling

by Elliott & Fry
half-plate glass copy negative, 1924
NPG x81809


Rudyard Kipling

by Elliott & Fry
half-plate glass copy negative, 1924
NPG x81807


Caroline Kipling (née Balestier); Rudyard Kipling

by International News Photos
vintage print, 1930s
NPG x194116


Rudyard Kipling

by Walter Stoneman
matte bromide print, 9 November 1934
NPG x11900


Rudyard Kipling

after (Marion Margaret) Violet Manners (née Lindsay), Duchess of Rutland
lithograph, 1891
NPG D23358


Rudyard Kipling

by Sir William Newzam Prior Nicholson
hand-coloured woodcut, 1897
NPG D36883


Rudyard Kipling

by William Strang, printed by David Strang
etching, 1898
NPG D36882


Rudyard Kipling

published by William Heinemann, after Sir William Newzam Prior Nicholson
lithographic reproduction of a hand-coloured woodcut, published 1899 (1897)
NPG D32971


Rudyard Kipling

after Richard George Mathews
line block after a drawing, circa 1900
NPG D21217


Rudyard Kipling

by William Strang
etching and aquatint, 1900
NPG D36884


Rudyard Kipling

by Emil Otto ('E.O.') Hoppé
photogravure, 1912
NPG x135706


Rudyard Kipling

by Alexander ('Alick') Penrose Forbes Ritchie
colour relief halftone cigarette card, 1926
NPG D2673


(Joseph) Rudyard Kipling ('The Singer of Empire')

after Leonard Raven-Hill
colour relief halftone, published 26 June 1935
NPG D43028


Rudyard Kipling

by Francis Henry Hart, for Elliott & Fry
bromide print, 1893
NPG x100964


(Joseph) Rudyard Kipling ('Men of the Day. No. 589.')

by Sir Leslie Ward
chromolithograph, published in Vanity Fair 7 June 1894
NPG D44702


Rudyard Kipling

after Frances Amicia de Biden Footner
collotype, 1930s
NPG D20831