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Henry William Majendie (1754-1830), Bishop of Bangor

Sitter in 3 portraits
Majendie was ordained as a priest in 1783, and served as vicar of Bromsgrove for the next two years. He was appointed as a tutor to Prince William and, as the prince was serving in the Navy, Majendie travelled with him for several years during the American War of Independence. On his return Majendie was rewarded for this service with his appointment as Canon of Windsor. He subsequently served as Bishop of Chester (1800-09) and Bishop of Bangor, where he remained from 1809 until his death. As bishop, he used his influence to appoint his sons and other relations to lucrative livings, and contemporaries commented on 'the corpulence of the bishop's person and the imperturbable gravity of his countenance'.