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Henry Moore (1898-1986), Sculptor

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Moore is one of the most important sculptors of the twentieth century, whose works feature in more public places around the world than any other sculptor in history. Born in Yorkshire, the son of a coal miner, Moore studied at Leeds School of Art and the Royal College of Art (1921-4) where he later taught. Influenced by non-Western art and the work of Alberto Giacommetti, Hans Arp and Pablo Picasso, he is best known for his sculptures in marble, wood and bronze that explore the human form. He also made significant drawings in the 1940s of coal miners and also people sheltering from the London blitz in underground stations. The Henry Moore Centre for the study of sculpture is based in Leeds.

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Mary Moore; Henry Moore; Irina Anatolia Moore (née Radetzki)

by Francis Goodman
2 1/4 inch square film negative, 24 June 1948
NPG x39491


Henry Moore; Irina Anatolia Moore (née Radetzki); Mary Moore

by Felix H. Man (Hans Baumann)
bromide press print, 1959
NPG x132449


Henry Moore

by Reuben Saidman
bromide press print, 1959
NPG x184078


Henry Moore

by Unknown photographer
bromide print, circa 1960
NPG x21395


Henry Moore

by Universal Pictorial Press and Agency Ltd
bromide press print, September 1960
NPG x182391


Henry Moore

by Mark Gerson
bromide press print, November 1960
NPG x182392


Henry Moore

by Sport & General Press Agency Ltd
bromide press print, 8 February 1961
NPG x182388


Henry Moore

by Associated Press
bromide press print, 28 April 1961
NPG x182389


Henry Moore

by Walter Bird
vintage print, 26 November 1963
NPG x183940


Henry Moore

by Godfrey Argent, for Camera Press
bromide press print, 2 June 1970
NPG x182390


Henry Moore

by Derek Bayes
bromide press print, December 1973
NPG x184079


Henry Moore

by Central Press
bromide print
NPG x21396


Henry Moore

after Sir David Low
halftone reproduction tear sheet, published 21 May 1949
NPG D43335