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Horatio Nelson (1758-1805), Vice-Admiral and victor of Trafalgar

Horatio Nelson, Viscount Nelson

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Nelson's victories during the wars with France gripped the popular imagination, making him the most enduring of British heroes. In 1793, following the outbreak of war with France, he lost an eye in a successful attack on Corsica. Yet aside from this early misfortune, Nelson's strategic brilliance was confirmed at the Battle of Cape St Vincent (1797) and the Battle of the Nile (1798). This was followed by the great controversy of Nelson's career when, because of his passion for Emma Hamilton, he refused to leave Naples to defend Minorca. Nelson was wounded several times in combat, losing one arm and the sight in one eye.

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Horatio Nelson

by George Baxter, after Lemuel Francis Abbott
Baxter print, published 1853
NPG D21491


The Death of Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar

by Charles William Sharpe, after Daniel Maclise
line and stipple engraving, published 1874
NPG D17800


Horatio Nelson

by Robert Sargent Austin, printed by The Baynard Press, after Lemuel Francis Abbott
chromolithograph, published 1943
NPG D17806


'King Edward & His Empire Builders'

published by Rotary Photographic Co Ltd
postcard print, circa 1907
NPG x197883


Horatio Nelson

by and published by John Young, after John Rising
mezzotint, published 2 November 1801
NPG D830


Victors of the Nile

by William Bromley, and by John George Landseer, and by William Satchwell Leney (Lenney), published by Robert Bowyer, after Robert Smirke
line engraving, published 1803
NPG D15815


Horatio Nelson

published by Edward Orme, after Sir William Beechey
stipple engraving, published 2 December 1805
NPG D38485


Horatio Nelson

by and published by Peltro William Tomkins, after Franz Thaller, after Matthias Ranson
stipple engraving, published 21 November 1805
NPG D38486


Horatio Nelson

by Anthony Cardon, and by John Girtin, published by Rudolph Ackermann, after Thomas Uwins, after Simon de Koster
line and stipple engraving, published 24 December 1805
NPG D38488


Horatio Nelson

by William Ridley, published by Vernor & Hood, after Lemuel Francis Abbott
stipple engraving, published 30 November 1805
NPG D15818


Horatio Nelson

by Valentine Green, possibly published by John Harris, after Lemuel Francis Abbott
mezzotint, published 14 November 1805
NPG D18924


Horatio Nelson

by Richard Earlom, published by Josiah Boydell, after Sir William Beechey
mezzotint, published 9 January 1806
NPG D38484


Horatio Nelson

by William Barnard, after Lemuel Francis Abbott
mezzotint, published 1 January 1806
NPG D38490


Horatio Nelson

by Henry Richard Cook, published by C. Chapple, after Sir William Beechey
stipple engraving, published 12 April 1806
NPG D40901


Monument to Horatio Nelson

by Thomas Charles Wageman, published by John Clark, published by and after George Ballisat
stipple engraving, published 1 April 1810
NPG D38487


Horatio Nelson

by Henry Bone, after Arthur William Devis
pencil drawing squared in ink for transfer, 1812 (1805)
NPG D17663


Horatio Nelson

by Robert Cooper, published by T. Cadell & W. Davies, after William Evans, after Sir William Beechey
stipple engraving, published 21 June 1815 (1801)
NPG D38483


Horatio Nelson

by Robert Graves, published by Henry Graves & Co, after Lemuel Francis Abbott
line engraving, published 5 November 1847 (after 1797)
NPG D38491


Nelson at Prayer, on going into battle at Trafalgar (Horatio Nelson)

by Ferdinand Jean de la Ferté Joubert, printed by McQueen (Macqueen), after Thomas Jones Barker
line engraving, declared to the Printsellers' Association 14 June 1854
NPG D38495