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Phineas Pett (1570-1647), Shipbuilder and first Master of the Shipwrights' Company

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Phineas Pett was the eldest son of Peter Pett, master shipwright of Deptford. After his father's death Pett was apprenticed to Richard Chapman, master shipwright at Deptford. After a period working as a carpenter, Pett became purveyor of timber in Norfolk and Suffolk in 1599-1600, and then keeper of the stores at Chatham in 1600. The following year he was appointed assistant to the master shipwright at Chatham and in 1604 he became master shipwright at Deptford. In 1612 he was appointed first master of the Shipwrights' Company.

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Phineas Pett

by Unknown artist
oil on panel, circa 1612
NPG 2035


Phineas Pett

after Unknown artist
watercolour, probably 19th century (1637)
NPG D11145