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Joseph Priestley (1733-1804), Theologian and scientist

Sitter in 27 portraits
Chemist, renowned for his discovery of Oxygen. He also prepared various gases including ammonia, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide (hence the invention of soda water in 1772), as well as oxygen (1774). Priestley was a supporter of the French Revolution, and his radical social and religious views drove him to emigrate to America in 1794.

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'Chemical Philosophers of the present Day' (Joseph Priestley; Antoine Lavoisier)

by James Caldwall, after John Opie, and after Jacques Louis David, published by Robert John Thornton
line engraving and etching, published 1 May 1801
NPG D34359


Joseph Priestley

by Thomas Halliday
bronze medal, 1804
NPG D7056


Joseph Priestley

by Charles Turner, after Henry Fuseli
mezzotint, published 1836
NPG D3952


Joseph Priestley

by and published by Thomas Holloway, published by Robert Wilkinson, published by Darling & Thompson, after William Artaud
line engraving, published 15 July 1795
NPG D19681


'A philosopher, - Conduit Street' (Joseph Priestley (in portrait); Adam Walker)

by James Gillray, published by Hannah Humphrey
etching, published 28 March 1796
NPG D14797