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William Roberts (1895-1980), Painter

Sitter in 4 portraits
Artist of 6 portraits
Artist; closely associated with the Vorticist movement though he worked with Roger Fry at the Omega Workshops after Wyndham Lewis had left to set up the Rebel Art Centre; Roberts was called up in April 1916 and spent two years as a gunner in the Royal Field Artillery before working as a War Artist for the Canadians from the summer of 1918. A signatory to the initial Vorticist Manifesto, after the War he met T.E. Lawrence and produced illustrations for Seven Pillars of Wisdom, reflecting still the Vorticism that later in his career gave way to an idiosyncratic figurative style.

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William Roberts

by William Roberts
pencil, crayon and watercolour, circa 1912-1913
NPG 6135


H.E. Bates

by William Roberts
pencil, circa 1925-1927
NPG 6909


Theodore Francis Powys

by William Roberts
pencil, circa 1926
NPG 6910


John Maynard Keynes, Baron Keynes; Lydia Lopokova

by William Roberts
oil on canvas, signed 1932
NPG 5587


William Roberts

by William Roberts
pencil and watercolour, circa 1965
NPG 5063