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Queen Victoria (1819-1901), Reigned 1837-1901

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Queen Victoria succeeded to the throne shortly after her eighteenth birthday in July 1837. She was daughter of the Duke of Kent, who was the fourth son of George III.Her reign was the longest in British history and she held great influence over the foreign and domestic policies of the governments she oversaw.

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Queen Victoria

by Samuel Cousins, published by Dickinson Brothers, after Lowes Cato Dickinson
hand-coloured mezzotint, published 1871
NPG D33649


Queen Victoria

published by The Graphic
wood engraving, published 6 March 1872
NPG D33642


Queen Victoria

by Faustin Betbeder ('Faustin')
chromolithograph, 1874
NPG D23023


Queen Victoria

by J. Leitch & Co, after Faustin Betbeder ('Faustin')
lithograph, published 1875
NPG D33647


Key to 'Royal Family Group, 1874' (Queen Victoria with her family)

after Thomas Agnew & Sons Ltd, after Unknown artist
ink on acetate, (1881)
NPG D33661


Queen Victoria

by Maclure & Macdonald, after Andrew Maclure
chromolithograph, published 25 November 1882
NPG D33654


Queen Victoria

by James Scott, published by Henry Graves & Co, after Sir Edwin Henry Landseer
mezzotint, published 1882
NPG D8151


Queen Victoria

by Charles Roberts, after Sir George Hayter
wood engraving, published 1887 (1833)
NPG D33568


Queen Victoria

published by The Graphic, after Frederick Sargent
coloured wood engraving, published 20 June 1887
NPG D33655


Queen Victoria

by Sir Alfred Gilbert
bronze medal, 1887
On display in Room 26 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG D36108


Queen Victoria

by Unknown artist
pipe bowl, 1887
NPG D3028


Queen Victoria

by Unknown artist
bronze medal, 1887
NPG D7053


Queen Victoria

after Walery
photograph transferred onto silk, (1887)
NPG D16954


'Your Majesty' (William Howley; Francis Nathaniel Conyngham, 2nd Marquess Conyngham; Queen Victoria)

published by The Graphic, after Mary Louisa Gow
colour photogravure, published 1895
NPG D33592


Queen Victoria

after (Marion Margaret) Violet Manners (née Lindsay), Duchess of Rutland
lithograph, 1897
NPG D23351


Queen Victoria

published by Illustrated London News, after A. Forestier
wood engraving, published 1897
NPG D33650