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Thomas White (1628-1698), Bishop of Peterborough

Sitter in 13 portraits
Thomas White was bishop of Peterborough from 1685 to 1690. Having been a vicar since 1660, White was appointed Bishop of Peterborough in 1685. He was chaplain to the protestant Lady Anne the daughter of James, Duke of York (later James II). Even though he was a staunch royalist, White was one of the seven bishops who petitioned against the Declaration of Indulgence offering civil and religious rights to non-Anglicans, issued by James II in 1688. With the other bishops, he was tried and acquitted. White was one of the nine nonjuring bishops who refused to take the oath of allegiance to William and Mary after the collapse of James's reign in 1689. He was deprived of his post the following year.