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Hon. William Windham (1750-1810), Politician; Secretary at War

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Windham was a follower of Edmund Burke who formed a short-lived 'Third Party', mainly of 'Burkeite' Whigs who were opposed to the Revolution. Because of his support for war with France, Pitt convinced Windham to switch sides and become Secretary for War (1794-1801) in the Tory Cabinet. Windham became loyal to Pitt, resigning with him over the King's refusal to allow Catholics to sit in Parliament. In 1803, however, Windham rejoined the 'Foxite' Whigs, repairing a long-standing political rift. Following the death of Pitt, Wyndham was appointed Secretary for War and Colonies in the 'Ministry of All the Talents' (1806) and introduced a plan for improving conditions in the armed forces.